There are a lot of websites providing download versions of apk files but no one cared about bugs and download issues of apk files. There are many concerns regarding the download and installation of these apps.

We have a team of three developers and our first goal is to provide solutions related to apk files. New users are confused about application version, download process and bugs.Budapk is not a website but also a solution forum where you can contact the admin team regarding every issue. We are helping daily 10 to 15 users to sort out any issue in apk files.

Idea of website

We did not have a specific idea about this site till we faced issues. That is our silly nature to solve issues which we face. We do not want to help others.This behavior made every thing complex. There is a lot of tutorials available on laptops but they are just completing videos or do not want to give you support.

Our main goal was to provide complete support to the user. Most of the time user can not understand just written material so we provided contact us button to help them. Just drop your message in the contact us and we will reply within the hour.


We have three developers and two writers in our team. Developers help writers to write an exact solution.

Sohail Tami

Sohail Tami is the first owner of the website and working in the online field from 2014. He is front end developer and app developer. Sohail has experience in apk files flow download and version modification. He also supports the team head.

Waqar Zee

Waqar is outreach and SEO support team member. He deals with the content evaluation and outreach of websites. Waqar has experience in website layout and content advertisement.

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