Android Phone Downloading Apps

Why is My Android Phone Downloading Apps by Itself?

We guessed why you are here, the reason probably being your Android phone has started downloading apps by itself. It might have sent you into shock mode as you have given no such commands. The user might be blaming the phone but we’ll tell you why.

If your Android phone is downloading apps by itself, hear from us, you are not alone. Many users have faced similar issues so why it happens? Why does the phone start installing apps by itself?

A reader will get all the necessary details as to what happens and how to fix it? so many phones are doing this themselves in an automatic way. These even do not get permission from the user before being downloaded. Enough of the chit chat let us tell you why.

Why is My Android Phone Downloading Apps By Itself?

There can be several reasons why Android phones start downloading apps by themselves. Let’s go through these reasons one by one. An Android user might have fallen prey to a wrong or rogue app if he has recently installed one.

If the user has installed multiple free apps on the phone without checking their authenticity and developer information. A user has clearly invited danger by installing unnecessary free apps. If a user has used hacks and tricks to exploit premium features of paid apps to get them for free.

Now, you have understood why it happens, next up is how those hacks work when a phone starts downloading apps by itself.

Admob is responsible for monetizing Android apps, if the user has installed an app with too many ad codes, it can take unfair advantage of the Android ecosystem.

These mischievous apps use push notifications and pop-ups in a negative way and take control of the device. Once the app has taken control, a user will have to greet a number of useless apps that start downloading on their own.

How to Stop Apps from Downloading on their own?

In this article, we are going to tell you how to stop unwanted apps from automatically downloading on android. No genie has downloaded apps on your Android device rather some mischievous apps have taken advantage of the Android Ecosystem. Here’s how you can stop apps from downloading on their own. Follow to not let unwanted apps take place on your device due to any reason.

  • Stick to our instructions and get rid of these unwanted apps.
  • Turning Off the Android Push Notification
  • Turning on the Android Push Notification literally means you are inviting danger. It opens the floodgates to all sorts of harmful apps and links.
  • Disabling Android Push Notification will be of much help. Here’s how a user can do it
  • Navigate to Settings>Apps>Application Manager
  • Look for the app named
  • Tap Force Stop and Disable

Trojan Killer Apps

Many Trojan killer apps have put a stop to these issues. Take care of your Android phone by downloading a Trojan Killer app. Stubborn Trojan Killer is a quite popular app that addresses the discussed issue.

Uninstall the Unwanted Apps

Only keep useful apps on your phone. Delete the unwanted, spam, and adware application that affect your system severely. If you have downloaded and installed any third-party applications via APK files. Then make sure to delete the APK Files on Android from your phone’s file manager at internal memory or SD card. Disable automatic app updates and uninstall suspicious and unwanted apps.


Some of the apps you have on your phone come along with additional apps. These are likely similar to each other at some point. But, when you download and install one of the apps of your choice, then the other will come with that. Sometimes you do not recognize that on time. After some time you check your app gallery and find that app.

Android Phone Downloading Apps

This is annoying and unfortunately, it has Collab with the app that you really want to be on your phone. To overcome this you have to follow the installation wizard carefully while installing that app. On the other hand, it is necessary to read the terms and policies for every app you use and what comes to your smartphone.

Change the Password of the Google Account

A compromised Google account can be the culprit itself, try logging out of your account, changing the password, and logging in again with new credentials.

Turn Off Automatic Updates:

You can simply go the Google play and Turn the auto updates off. This will also prevent downloading apps on your phone.

  • First of all, go to the google play store from the google play app.
  • Top on the three dost there at the top left.
  • Click on settings now.
  • Now go to the Auto app updates, Simply turn it off.
  • Choose not auto-update apps.
  • And that’s all

Background Data Usage Restriction

  • By practicing this option, a user will be restricting the access of rouge apps to any of the background tasks. It is the simplest way to curb the said issue. Do it by
  • Go to the settings and navigate to the Data Usage
  • Select the suspicious app
  • Toggle on restricting app background data

For assistance, you are using the music app and enjoying the music. At the same time, those apps stop the music to play and this makes it close.

In brief, unwanted installation of apps on their own is annoying and worrisome. Apart from the above-mentioned measures download a reliable security app that enables the firewall service. These are the security services that can protect you from getting any additional apps. Will even save you from any kind of wrong element injection on the go.


With this information, you will be there for unnecessary apps. Getting these appertain to fix that issue of your Android phone downloading apps by itself. No more apps are going to be there and now all you can tack control.