Android Phone Making Static Noises

Why is My Android Phone Making Static Noises?

Do you get an Android phone Making static noises from your mobile while making calls? You can sometimes experience static noises from the speaker while talking on your mobile phone. You take a call or play music, and it starts making static noises on your cell phone. This audio crackling 

is incredibly distracting and can make it hard to comprehend what the other party says. Perhaps the static is noisy and steady, or maybe it occurs just once in a while, but one thing’s for sure: it’s irritating. 

It may be an issue with the outdoor equipment if you have flickering on both phones, caused by wet surroundings, like moisture you can not see. If you hear static, noise, or crackling on one screen, then the issue may be the phone due to a cable, filter, or the jack in which it is plugged.

Sometimes this issue is most likely triggered by an app making a notification sound or a notification being made by the device program.

A few issues are generally to blame for this irritation, most of which can be easily and rapidly fixed at home. In this article, I’ll explain why your phone makes static noises and how to resolve the issue for sure.

Reason for Android Phones Making static noises

  • Sweat or Water 
  • Nearby Devices
  • Cellphone is tapped
  • Software Issues

1. When the mobile is wet

  • If you’ve been sweating, wipe the phone dry. The sweat will enter and make a static noise through the speaker (or headset). Before using it again, you can need to wait for the unit to dry.
  • If the phone has been overly wet, turn the phone off and leave it off. To prevent any more harm, you need to let the phone dry out. For many hours, leave it off. 
  • Please turn off the cell phone and leave it switched off. It would help if you let the phone dry out to avoid any further damage. Leave it off for several hours. Even if the outside is dry, it can take the phone inside a while to dry out.

2. Nearby Electronic or radiation devices 

  • Stand outside of the microwaves. According to the Podcast addict, Phone service may be influenced by the frequency of the microwave, creating harsh static on the speaker or app stopped functions.
  • Switch away from large devices made of metal. Such artifacts can bounce around a signal and trigger speaker problems.

3. Tapped phone

When you are on a call, it is widespread for a tapped phone to encounter background noise. Static and clicking are familiar sounds but can be due to a defective connection as well. However, if you hear an oscillating static from your phone when it is not in use, the security of your mobile device is likely to be at risk. Hang up and re-dial if in doubt.

4. Software Issues

The issue is triggered by pressing Applications and then Settings to check if an app causes it. Tap on the Updates tab from here. With an on-off turn, you can see your phone applications here. Try to turn off each app’s warning immediately to check if the problem is still occurring. This app is what triggers the problem when you get to an app where the random sound stops. Sometimes deleting corrupt APK files can solve this issue.

There are also times when sounds from the phone system trigger the issue. Follow the steps listed below to verify if this is the case.

  • Tap Apps from Home, then Settings.
  • Tap Vibration and Sounds
  • Try turning off the choices below 

Touch sounds: Play tones when you touch or tap the screen to make selections; Screen lock says: Play a sound when you unlock the screen; Emergency tone: Sound an alert, vibrate, or stay silent when an emergency alert is received.; Charging sound: Play a sound when a charger is connected.

If the problem continues, then continue with the extra steps mentioned below.

Resolving Android’s Static Noise 

Conduct a Soft Reset

By doing a soft reset, most problems such as this can typically be solved. This is usually the first thing you would have to do when the phone is unresponsive, but in this situation, this will also work as the phone app will be refreshed. This is done by taking the battery out and pressing for at least a minute on the power button. Insert the battery again, and then you can turn your phone on. Make sure to download data in an sd card or any other USB files before resetting.

android Making Static Noises

Check if the issue exists in Safe Mode

There are times when this particular issue can be triggered by an app you have downloaded. You will need to start the phone in Safe Mode to verify if this is the case, as only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run in this mode.

  • Switch off the computer.
  • Press and hold the Power key near the screen with the name of the unit.
  • Release the Power Key when the ‘XYZ’ logo of your cell phone company appears on the screen.
  • Click and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Control key.
  • Continue to hold down the Volume key until you finish restarting the system.
  • The secure mode will be shown in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • When you see ‘Secure Mode,’ release the Volume Down key.

If the issue does not arise in this mode, it could be triggered by an app you have downloaded. Find out and uninstall what program this is.

Wipe the phone’s cache partition

There are times when the phone software’s temporary data can get corrupted, leading to problems happening on the computer. In this case, Research gate recommends, the safest thing to do is to delete the phone’s cache partition from the recovery mode.

  • Switch the phone off.
  • Click and hold the keys to Volume Up and Return.
  • Press and hold until the unit vibrates, then release the Power Key. Keep the Volume Up and Home buttons pressed all the time.
  • Release the Volume Up and Home keys when you see the Android Recovery display.
  • Please scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition using the Volume keys, then pick it using the Control key.
  • Please scroll down to Yes using the Volume keys, then pick it using the Control key.
  • To scroll down to the Reset device now, use the Volume keys, then use the Power key to pick it.

If the problem still exists, investigate.

Perform a factory reset

A factory reset is one last troubleshooting measure to remember. This will restore the phone to its original factory state and usually repair the issue in a software glitch being triggered. Take notice that this will delete your phone data.

Switch the phone off.

  • Click and hold the Volume Up and Home keys, and then press and hold the Control button.
  • Release only the Power key when the system logo screen displays
  • Release all keys when the Android logo is shown (‘Installing device update’ will be offered for around 30-60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu options are shown).
  • Press the volume key many times to highlight the wipe data/factory reset popup.
  • Press the Power Button.
  • Press the Volume Down key until it highlights ‘Yes, delete all user data.’
  • To select and start the Master Reset, press the power button.
  • ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted when the master reset is complete.
  • Press the Power key to restart your android.
  • Check immediately if, after the reset, the problem still occurs. It’s very likely that by now, the issue will be fixed.