Android vs Cyborg

Android vs Cyborg Differences and Comparison

Android versus Cyborg, What’s the difference? Though, it is one of those nit-picking questions that keep buzzing us for answers. No matter how many times you have avoided getting into this debate, it’s high time you know what sets them apart from each other.

Android and Cyborg are not unheard names, these two always come up in conversations from time to time, be it discussing a movie or a character, this question always comes up, what is the difference between Android and Cyborg.

That is the reason we have come with all the details so that next time when you watch a science fiction movie, you can easily distinguish Android and Cyborg from each other. So, without further ado, let’s get to it right away.

What is Android?

An Android is a man-made robot or an artificial being made to look and act like human beings. Made of flesh-like material, Android is also termed as Humanoid. Gone are the days when the representation of a robot in a movie was someone of a steel body, robot-like, now with the advancement in technology, robots of sci-fi movies have taken the shape, design, and functionally of a human being.

What is Cyborg?

Cyborg is a living being with additional robotic or mechanical parts which gives him superpowers. If we have to be precise, a human augmented with robotic parts. Made from organic and biomechatronic body parts, Cyborgs have been part of many of our favorite sci-fi movies like Star Trek, Doom Patrol, Doctor Who, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

Android Versus Cyborg – Difference

The main difference that stands them apart is that Android is a robot with a human-like appearance, sometimes it’s hard to tell a difference between human and Android. Whereas Cyborg is a living creature with mechanical parts that extend its capabilities far beyond human beings.

Main Difference

Description – Android is an artificial being made by man to make their life easier by performing different tasks.

Whereas Cyborg is counted among living organisms that are most likely part artificial and part biological. It can be an animal, human being, or other living organism assisted with robotic parts.

Appearance – Android looks like humans so much that it is hard to tell a difference. These robotic homosepains or humanoids are made out of flesh-like material.

Cyborg looks like a living being with robotic and mechanical parts. Cyborg is not built by man, it looks like half human and half robot.

Detachable Parts

Android is a robot, so its body parts are detachable, these parts are easily removable and replaceable.

Cyborg, being a living creature, does not have the luxury of having his body parts removed, repaired, and replaced.


Robots can be repaired if they need fixing, Android, being a robotic machine can be assembled, dismantled, reactivated, and repaired like other machines.

Well, living creatures like Cyborg does not have the luxury to be repaired or reassembled, if damaged.


Android and Cyborg both have their fair share of lead roles in sci-fi movies. Google-owned Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, Aldebaran Robotics’ Nao, etc, are some examples of Android robots.

Fictional Cyborgs in many blockbusters sci-fi movies were Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, T-800, T-8500 in The Terminator, Borg Queen in Star Trek, Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2, Tony Stark in Iron Man, Cybear in Ben 10, etc.

We have stated the main differences between Android and Cyborg and we conclude this endless debate here, but before that, we’d like to answer some commonly asked questions about Android and Cyborg.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between Android and Cyborg?

Android is a human being look-alike robot whereas Cyborg is a living being with added robot parts.

Is there a real Cyborg?

Yes, Neil Harbisson is the reel-life cyborg, he is the first person to be legally recognized as a cyborg because of the antenna implanted in his skull.

Do Androids have feelings?

Android are robots that look like humans, they can only have feelings and emotions if they are programmed like that. If not, Androids are emotionless.

Is the terminator a Cyborg or Android?

Well, this is the most asked question in this whole Android vs Cyborg debate, we would like to tell you that I825. M, the I-950, the Hybrid, Specialist, and Augment are human-based cyborgs, whereas all other terminators are Androids.

What is a female Android called?

Gynoid is the term given to a feminine robot. However, most of the time, a female and male robot is referred to as Android, regardless of gender.

Putting it all together, now that you know the difference between Android and Cyborg, you can next time shut your friends up with all the details. Though we have seen Androids and Cyborgs on TV and in movies, this phenomenon is taking the shape of reality with technological advancements.