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AG3 Whatsapp

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Detail of AG3 Whatsapp

AG3 WhatsApp is another mod app very similar to its previous versions like AG1 and AG2. Plus, it has become a trend to use mod apps for this instant messaging service. People nowadays are searching for quality mods so that they can enjoy more freedom with less effort. Also, this functional mod app is working on nearly all kinds of high-end as well as low-end devices with good performance. Without wasting a single moment, Download and communicate with your friends in a new style.

It is no secret that WhatsApp is the biggest communication platform in this world. Believe it or not, the app has billions of active users and they can communicate with each other without any restrictions. Furthermore, Out of billions of users, many users are unhappy with its current service because they want more freedom and control over this giant app.

To fulfill the desires of these people, many developers have developed quality mod apps to give diversity and enhanced features. Today we are going to introduce AG3 WhatsApp so that WhatsApp users can enjoy it.

What is AG3 WhatsApp?

This is the mod version of the official app that has many new features to entice WhatsApp. With the assistance of this mod app, users can personalize their conversations and can expect a lot in terms of customization and privacy. Therefore, many people are enjoying this mod app and recommending other people to use the app without any limitations.

Moreover, the user interface is simple and for this reason, people of all ages are using it to customize WhatsApp without any hassle.

What are the key Features of the APK?

  • The app contains a huge collection of many more powerful features than the official one so that users can enjoy more freedom. We are going to summarize all the prominent features in the list given below.
  • Theme customization; users of this mod app are free to change the themes and color of themes according to their interests.
  • Status saves; through this app, users can get full control of everything and can save the status of their friends without getting help from any other third-party app.
  • View removed messages; in the official app, people can not read the deleted message but this AG3 Whatsapp enables its users to see all the deleted messages from your chat.
  • Status view indications; if anyone uses this option then his friends will no longer check that he has seen their status.
  • Hide typing indicator; this app will hide typing and recording indications so that no one can check what are you doing.
  • Auto-reply option; when someone approaches you and you are busy at that time. Then an automatic message will be sent to that specific person without any delay.
  • Customize fonts; it is easy to change the font size, color and style according to the liking of its users.
  • Send multiple pictures; in the official app, users are allowed to send 30 images at once but the mod app is facilitating the users to send up to 70 images without any restrictions.
  • Lock WhatsApp; the mod app will give you extra privacy to lock Whatsapp through pins, patterns, etc.
  • Others; end-to-end encryption, a Navigation bar, small in size, message scheduler; dark and light mode, change backgrounds, no registration, no need to learn the password, free to download, and several others.


The AG3 WhatsApp is making its place in the hearts of WhatsApp users rapidly due to its extensive list of features. Besides this, the other greatest thing about this app is that it will not charge a single penny for its world-class services. Doesn’t it sound good?