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Akahri Extra Mod

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Detail of Akahri Extra Mod

Akahari Extra Mod is a lesser-known FF tool that many FF players do not know of. There are heaps of options and battle features that the tool delivers to give you better control over the gameplay. It makes the difficult gameplay easy with all the required options and more fun.

Garena Free Fire is an action-based well-known game that enjoys a huge following all around the world. Players play it regularly, complete tasks and missions to earn diamonds and in turn, purchase gaming stuff. The majority of FF gaming items available in the store are locked and accessible only after paying cash.

Worry not, this app will get you all the stuff for free without any fee or charges. Unlike some other mod tools, it is functional and up to date with the latest deals and stuff of the game. You will most likely not find it on reliable third-party websites, find the link here to get this tool.

What is Akahari Extra Mod?

With the assistance of such a stunning application, you will witness a big turn of events and easier gameplay. The user will no longer be a weak player, unable to survive the cruel battlefield. Good FF days and easier gameplay are guaranteed by the player.

Akahari Extra Mod is equipped with FF skins, characters, lots of FF abilities, powerful weapons, and substantially more to cater to the players. Famous battle features such as Aimbot, ESP, and others are also available in the game.

It is a secured application that may not provide 100% safety but enough to keep your account saved from detection. If used blatantly, these tricks can cost you a lot, therefore, be careful with the usage.

Features of Akahari Extra Mod

It is an all-in-one app packaged with all the FF essentials, eliminating the need for installing multiple apps to customize different aspects of the game. Want to know what are the main features of the app? Read on to know the major highlights of the game.

Aimbot – It has a menu dedicated solely to improving the shooting skills of the players.

In this section, the app includes AutoAim

Aimbot, Aimbot Scope, Crouch, Disregard Fells, AimLocation, AimFov 0/360, and AimSmooth 0/360.

ESP – ESP informs you about the location and hideouts of the enemies to let you see where they are and devise the fighting strategy accordingly.

It includes Esp Info Enemy, Esp Line Fire, Esp Line Granite, Speed Hack 0/10, WallHack Stone, Phantom Hack, Magically transport Player, and Magically transport Player Cars.

Others – Other features include No Parachute, Downpours Of Bullets 0/12, Medkit Run, Epithet Fake, Night Mode, Mode HD, and Symbol Invisible Mod Menu.

Free – Akhari Extra Mod is free and will be in the future as well. No matter the number of features you inject, it offers everything free of charge.

How to Download and Install Akahari Extra Mod?

Here comes the exciting part, this app can be downloaded easily like the Google Play apps with just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1 – Download the Akhari Extra apk from the link given.
  • Step 2 – After the file is downloaded, proceed to the App Permissions option in the settings, and allow the Unknown Sources option.
  • Step 3 – Tap on the downloaded file, the installation will start, after a while, the file will be installed in the mobile storage.

Alternatives of Akaharai Extra Mod

Looking for an alternative? Try Bad Team, Piyush Gamer, and United Mods.

In Summary

It takes only a few clicks to install Akahari Extra Mod and become instantly better at the game and polish your skills. If you found it helpful, leave your feedback and share it with friends and family.