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ATA MLBG Changer APK (Updated) V3.02 – Download

ATA MLBG Changer
Aung Thura & Thuya Aung
Apps, Injector
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The days are gone when we stuck in boring and old features of games. We can not enhance the features of the game. Mobile legends bang bang is a very popular game in 2021. There are a lot of perks to enjoy in free games but still, we can not dig down to find ample features. Android injectors are doing their work but no one to compete with Ata Mlbg changer.

ATA MLBG changer allows you to change the MLBB game background. Shiny features are not limited to backgrounds, colors, but also skins, ML characters, and many others, all with a user-friendly interface.

This injector has many advantages over others, but my favorite one is its speedy updates and addition of a lot of features.

According to recent research in the gaming world, Mobile legends games are getting quick hype. An increase in millions of users seen in last month. Previous users are getting strong in the domain and it’s hard for a newbie to get a place. These injectors help everyone to bring solo competition.

This injector fulfills two needs of users: security and updating. It stands out as a unique tool in the online world because it fulfills both needs.

Features of ATA MLBG Changer

I’ve already given you an idea about the use of this mobile changer. Perhaps we’ll skip some common injector features in favor of these new ones.

User Interface

Newbies often get stuck in difficult interfaces of different Android apps. This injector provides a user-friendly interface. A good user face includes everything in a position where anyone can manage it.

A menu bar is included in the dashboard. Every game feature is mentioned with one click. You will see separate button options for skins, heroes’ positions, maps, and backgrounds. All backgrounds are present in one click forward. You will see different background options one by one and developers keep them updated several times a month.

Maps and backgrounds

According to a recent study, even wallpaper puts a great impact on your mood. Although this research was about mobile wallpaper it shows long time use of the screen makes us bored and tired. If we change the background or wallpapers of the screen it will help to get rid of this issue.

All mobile legend games come with a single background or map which becomes boring within a time. There are limited animations and few colors in the background.

ATA MLBG changer offers several options for changing the background including different layout options and maps. These maps will change over time, and new ones will be added to the dashboard.



Having few skills options can restrict your gameplay and make it hard to beat your opponent in advance stages. In previous Mobile Legends games, there were very limited choices, now more are available, but still not enough to make a difference.

So the only solution is to use new skins options with this tool. These skins add some gameplay power to the player. Like the Pusang Apo injector, this ATA changer is multi-display in skins.

Do you know? This injector can add a recall effect to skin options. Gamers know how important it is, it enhances the players’ power and looks.

Free with all unlock features

Some injectors have hidden charges as you download and install them on your mobile. These charges appear in the dashboard with different tactics. They stuck you on different stages of the game and bring a pop-up to purchase.

This tool is 100% free and the only option to sell and purchase is diamond exchange.No need to purchase additional skins and maps although this injector does not put any hidden charges on gamers.


Some apps play with the security of your apps like catching your cache and search history to bring different ads in the dashboard. This ATA MLBG changer does not play with your security and keep everything in secure dashboard.

Everything HD 

These maps, skins, and backgrounds are not bad in appearance or resolution. Everything comes in a high-definition resolution with innovative animations. Colors and animations bring a new flavor to these details.

How to download and install ATA MLBG Changer?

  • It is quite easy like every other APK file, here are some quick steps to follow
  • First download file from below option
  • It will be downloaded on your mobile
  • Click on the file and install 
  • It will appear on home, by clicking you can add in-game

About Author: ATA stands for Aung Thura & Thuya Aung. Both young ones are new in development. Their all apps are popular for user security and ethical features in games. This injector is also developed by keeping all previous apps credibility in mind.


ATA MLBG changer APK is a new addition to the gaming world. Every gamer is praising its unique features and updates.ML fans are getting stuck on this injector and scrolling the world of legends. If you have any questions or queries regarding the download or installation option, drop in comments.

June 3, 2021