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Detail of Axie Infinity

Blockchain projects immediately trigger eye-rolling and tab closing, however, what if we tell you about a game that combines fun with cryptocurrency. While playing the game, a player can earn hundreds of dollars. Axie infinity players get to battle, build, and hunt for treasures and are rewarded with cutting-edge technology called blockchain for their participation. Do Search on our website for more …

Many tech giants are luring players toward digital currency with different games and apps to make the world more familiar with the idea of cryptocurrency. Many such games and ventures have been launched through which the user can earn meaningful income.

The Play to Earn business model is gaining popularity as there is more potential for growth. Any decent crypto-branded project attracts attention and many investors want to invest in the project.

This one-of-a-kind video game is the amalgam of
blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) give crypto enthusiasts and gamers an opportunity to learn and earn money.

What is Axie Infinity?

The developer wanted to implement all the benefits of the blockchain into the video game. It gives players a true sense of ownership of in-game items they collected. The game is not all about earning money, you will have fun with the engaging game plot.

Adventure – Through different battle adventures, the player can find rare, valuable treasures to upgrade the Axie team.
Battle Arena – Become a legend by winning intense PVP battles. In turn, the winner of different tournaments will be rewarded with real money prizes.
Breeding – Mix and match different parents to create offspring with unique genetic combinations. Create a huge team, launch your own breeding business, and sell babies on different marketplaces.

It is an unusual online battle game that allows users to trade in-game characters known as Axie Infinity. Gather, breed, raise, battle, and sell some weird characters, the exchange can happen through Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, AXS & SLP.

Utilizing their skill and knowledge, many gamers have earned plenty of money till now. This game is partnered with UBISOFT, Samsung, AAVE, Binance, Delphi Digital, Kyber Network, Upbit, and others, so legitimacy should not be a concern.

Axies: Battle

Axie Infinity is fierce creatures that are used to fight other similar creatures. Build up a collection of different Axis to conquer the enemies. Based on its genes, each Axie has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Possibilities are truly infinite with billions of possible genetic combos.

Axies: Land

Become a land baron and build a kingdom for yourself gradually. Farm resources and tokens that can be used later in the game.

This universe is called Lunacia, this open-world is run by its players and consists of several plots of land. The Axie universe is divided into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for players to buy, lease, or rent.


The Axie infinity game has two famous tokens; Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP).

AXS Token – This ERC-20 utility token is awarded to the players with the best performance from all the 19 seasons of the game. It is in limited supply, so, many players swap their SLP for AXS.

AXS holders possess governance rights; upon staking this token, players can win different rewards and access special features in return.

SLP – SLP or Small Love Portion is the reward that the players get after winning the battle. Unlike AXS, SLP is not available in limited supply.

It can be traded for other tokens and is used to breed your Axie creatures or sell it in the in-game marketplace at a set price.


Each Axie has six different traits, each one adding four points to the player’s statistics. The in-game stats include

HP – HP or Health Points boost the health points of the game.
Speed – It represents the speed of your axie Infinity when it’s time to attack and also influences the attack order.
Skill – A skillful Axie will inflict more damage, it also develops an additional skill when the player plays his cards in a combo or chained.
Morale – This increases the chance of inflicting a high amount of damage with the critical hit.


Now, it is time to see how fruitful and fun it is as a game. It is becoming popular thanks to its storyline, pets, graphics, gameplay, in-game stuff, and amazing features. Let’s delve deep into some of the major features of the app

It is an all-in-one digital platform for gaming, battling, collecting, and earning.
More than 250,000 players actively play this game regularly either for fun or to earn money.
Axis Infinity are good at battle and hunting hidden treasures. Not all Axie are alike, each one has various kinds, strengths, and expertise.

Breed old Axie infinity to produce new ones, it is up to you to raise or sell them.
Become a landowner and build and design your kingdom.

AXS and SLP tokens are used to play the game, and exchange for other items.
Join PvP battles, trade Axie Infinity, and farm for Small Love Potions!

How to Download and Install Axie Infinity apk?

If you intend to play the game, install the Axie Infinity game to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies. It is being announced with great pleasure that the game can be downloaded via the given downloadable link.

If the installation process through an external source overwhelms you, following these steps will help you understand the procedure better.

Download – Start downloading by clicking on the download button, the visitor will be redirected to a page where the process starts and finishes after a few minutes.
Allow Apps From Third-Party Websites – Most new users find this step unnecessary, therefore, tend to skip it. A lot is riding on this important step, if disabled, third-party apps can not be installed, therefore, go to the security settings tab, navigate to the Unknown Sources option, and enable it.
Installation – Click on the downloaded file, the installation process will begin and end in a few minutes, tops.

In Brief

Having fun while earning money was not possible until the release of this game. It has opened new doors for players interested in cryptocurrencies to learn more. Good Luck!