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Detail of BR Mods Menu

If you do not have the skills to stand up and kill opponents, improve some with the BR Mods Menu. Created and modified by the trusted modder, this app is changing the game for the players for the better. It is possible that you may not hear about it yet, the mod is gaining popularity gradually and many players are becoming aware of it.

Garena Free Fire players need to have some sort of help to win. Without assistance, the game becomes so difficult and many players leave because they are losing consistently. Locked and paid items and features add to the trouble and misery of the player.

These tools have become somewhat of a need as the challenges are becoming more difficult. Without their help, the game would only be difficult and no fun. To add a little fun and lightness to the gameplay, you got to employ these tools to help and unlock resources.

This Mod menu for Free Fire is relatively new and lesser-known, therefore, the number of downloads is not quite high. Many players have found it functional and want others to know about it as well. It is only possible to truly assess the reliability of the mod after trying it first.

What is BR Mods Menu Free Fire?

Developed by BR Mods, the app provides all the necessary tricks essential to winning the war. We suggest having this efficient tool on your smartphone to polish your skills and kill more opponents. Besides improving game-playing skills, the mod lets you defeat opponents easily with no effort.

Fly your car or aim accurately at the enemies while flying, all with absolute ease. These are not just the couple of features provided by the BR Mods Menu app, it is equipped with Auto Headshot, No Recoil, Auto Aim, Speed Run, and more.

The majority of FF players want to use these tools in a secure manner without the ban. In response to the needs and requirements of the players, the developer has focused on the security of the gaming ID. The app is equipped with no ban script to protect and conceal the account using tricks.

Moreover, all the features provided by the app are 100% free. The app will not charge a penny for its services, allowing you the freedom to choose and inject whatever feature you like the best. It is going to be an interesting experience with the mod without any restrictions.

BR Mods Menu Features

  • It would be quite pleasing to learn that the app has several features to make you a survivor. BR Mods Menu may not have as many tricks as some of the popular ones but it features the tricks needed mostly by the gamer in day-to-day operations.
  • Many users are seen praising the features of the app, in the new version, there is an expected increase in tricks. The app is made error-free, the user would not face any trouble while using the app. Be prepared for the intense battle with the tool and its following powerful tricks.

Auto Headshot:

One of the most demanded features, headshot does a lot of damage to the players. It drills a perfect shot into the head of the enemies.

Knockdown enemies with just a single shot with an automatic headshot. Without missing any shots or wasting time, it is easy to kill adversaries directly.

No Recoil:

No recoil or zero recoil allows you to shoot long-distance enemies easily and precisely due to zero recoil in the gun.

The user can control the recoil of the weapons with long-distance throwable kills.


Auto Aim and Aim Lock lock onto the target and automatically shoots at the enemies. The user will be able to hit most of the shots towards the target precisely.

Press the fire button and the bullets will be fired and hit the enemy at any angle.

Speed Tricks:

BR Mods Menu takes the speed feature a step further, the user will not only run quickly but it can be applied to the car as well.

Speed Run and Speed Car allow players to elude enemies’ attacks by escaping the situation quickly.

No Trees, Grass:

This app erases all the trees and grass from the battlefield to expose the hideouts of different enemies.

Fire ESP:

Get to know the location of different enemies, weapons, vehicles, etc to devise the fighting plan accordingly.

Knowing valuable information about the enemies gives players an extra edge.


The integrated anti-ban feature allows players to use this app in a secure manner without compromising the gaming app’s security and user privacy.

Smaller Size:

The file size stands at 4.1 MBs, so, there is no need to delete a lot of files to make space for this one.


It can cope with all sorts of devices, root and non-root devices. The app is compatible with the latest version of the game and can be installed on Android 5 to 11.

How to Download and Install BR Mods Menu?

This new injector can be easily downloaded and installed by following these instructions.

  • Step 1 – Download BR Mods Menu APK from the link given below.
  • Step 2 – It is a mandatory step and should not be skipped if the third-party apps are not allowed, it can be done by activating the Unknown Sources option within the settings.
  • Step 3 – Install the tool by clicking on the downloaded file and wait a few seconds till the installation is finished.
  • Step 4 – Open the injector tool, explore the tricks menu, and inject your favourite option.

BR Mods Menu Alternatives

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In Summary

It can be used to become the GOAT player of Free Fire, too with just a few taps, it is that easy with this tool. Sharing BR Mods Menu with friends and fellow players to help them with their gaming journey.