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Detail of DPS Mod Menu

Nevertheless, if you wish to command the battlefield quickly, you need a tool such as DPS Mod Menu Free Fire. It offers a range of features, so you can start using it immediately.

This is the modern age and everyone has smartphones in their hands. most of the peoples have craze of playing games on their smartphones. For this purpose Now there are many fun games available in the gaming world, and you can enjoy them right now.

There are shooting games, action games, puzzle games, simulation games, racing games, and more. Garena Free Fire is a popular game to play right now, and millions of people play it as well, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a popular game to play. But it is not easy to compete with your enemies.

If you want to learn more about this amazing application don’t worry we will discuss it in detail. For full details read this content till the end to clear all your doubts about this amazing app.

What is DPS Mod Menu?

DPS Mod Menu is an Andriod-based application. You can win your game quickly and easily by using DPS Mod Menu Free Fire. With the help of an Android application, users can extend the functionality of Garena Free Fire. With this mode menu, you can easily access several useful features.

Playing this game is like going on an adventure. To play and win in this exciting game, you must work hard. but DPS Mod Menu made this easy for you. It is a free app and tool for the game that includes all the necessary extra features such as Emboss, Headshot, Stone Hex, etc.

App Screenshots

DPS Mod Menu
DPS Mod Menu

This is a small-sized app. A Vietnamese developer created this amazing app. by using this amazing, different additions to the game can be unlocked from it. you can unlock features such as Aimbot Headshot, Ghost Mode, Wallhack Stone, Fix Rank, Antenna on Heads, etc.,

Which are some of the finest elements in this game. Furthermore, PS Team Mod Menu Free Fire also provided an impressive array of similar features in the past. Even so, DPS Mod Menu is brand new and fresh in every way. Therefore, it has several additional advantages.

Features of DPS Mod Menu

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode is an important feature of this amazing app. This moded feature allows you to disappear completely. With this feature on, you can easily walk through opponents. The opponent can’t see you. This feature makes reaching safe areas and passing enemies convenient. If you shoot, your voice will still be heard, no matter where you are.

Night Mode

The DPS modes menu includes a night mode option. With this, you can also adjust the time in Night Mode during the match. So long as the other features are also turned on, this will give you an advantage!

Auto Aim, Headshot, Lock

You can automatically aim at your opponent using the Auto Aim option in the DPS Mod Menu Free Fire. Also, you will receive a complimentary headshot today. Once they are locked in, your opponent will not be able to leave. If these features are enabled, it is literally impossible for there not to be a lot of kills.

No recoil and Speed ​​run

you can unlock the feature of No recoil and Speed ​​run. As we all know, it is frustrating to shoot with guns that have high recoil. Guns do not recoil, so control of shooting is not required.

In the modern era, everyone is capable of being shot. You will also be able to run super-fast when you use this feature. You can also increase your car’s speed by using the Speed run feature.

DPS Mod Menu Additional Features:

Here are some additional features of this amazon App. In addition, this app and some of the features are comments with LZ Mod Free Fire and many other FF tools. In your Tool category, you can find mods for Garena Free Fire and many other games.

  • The user will also find all instructions on the main screen.
  • It is totally free ap. There is no need to register or subscribe.
  • Furthermore, the anti-ban feature ensures user safety.
  • You will have a wide array of cheats at your disposal.
  • Its simplicity and ease of use are what make it great.
  • It is an ad-free app. Third-party ads won’t interrupt your experience.
  • The app is simple and ready to run on any device.
  • Users can also access a YT tutorial video prepared by the developer.
  • There is an English and Vietnamese version of this tool.
  • Use the Virtual Space app for devices that are not native.
  • With the tool, you can use a floating icon during the game.
  • All smartphones, high-end and low-end, are fully compatible.

This mode is completely free to use and does not require any outgoing menus to operate.


There are many cheat menus available for Free Fire on the Internet. On the other hand, DPS Mod Menu Free Fire relies on the latest version of Free Fire. Our website offers a free download of this very awesome app. Let’s get it and explore all its awesome features.