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EZ Month

Detail of EZ Month

If you have been an active ML player and wish to have powerful skins and features, download EZ Month. While fighting on the ML battlefield, one wishes for a genie to appear and take away all the stress in return for unlimited resources. It may seem like a dream but it is possible with the EZ Month app download. Let EZ Month be the savior genie.

What really kills the fun for an ML player is the locked objects and features. Even with improved fighting skills, one gets stuck when there are no powerful features to back him up. It can be a deal-breaker, most disheartened players leave MOBA games because it gets too expensive to play after a while.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a game seems irrational to many where instead they can pay the bills. However, no one can resist an addiction, therefore, MLBB players have found a way to get these resources for free. Seeing the popularity of the game, many Mobile Legends enthusiasts have come up with injectors applications and such to help users boast all the skins and items with a price tag.

EZ Month has dozens of features that you would love to use after downloading the app. Here are some more details that will increase your interest in the app.

What is EZ Month Injector?

Most apps feed users on empty promises but they seldom live up to their words. This ML injector provides a wide range of premium items of Mobile Legends for free. 

From in-game currency to avatar and emotes, this injector is a one-stop-shop for all the coveted ML features. A user can shop ML skins, free diamonds, recall, analog custom, and other powers as well. It is a bit different from Toxix Mod in terms of ultra features.

What more does a player need to win? Well, we can not think of anything else. With this injector downloaded on the Android phone and tablet, there is no need to look for other injectors for other features.

Is it Safe?

How can you expect an app that gives an unethical advantage over fellow players would be welcomed by the authorities. These injectors, patchers, and other such tools are not safe and are disliked by the security system of the game. The security filters are quite sharp in detecting such tools, and their account is banned without a warning in no time.


Features of EZ Month

Before we go into details, we would like to take a moment to appreciate the developer for developing such an application. A user will like every feature seamlessly and may discover some more once the app is downloaded.

  • ML Diamonds – Diamond is an exchange currency in the Mobile Legends world. There is a free diamond option where a player can earn rewards in the form of diamond/gratis and use these diamonds to purchase premium items. 
  • Background Customization – Update and customize the background with about 24 background options, new ones are being added.
  • Drone View – The drone camera features five different drone options and is compatible with all maps and graphics.
  • Battle Effects – Equipped with different battle effects like Effect Recall, Battle Emotes, Analog Custom, Effect Spawn, and Effect Elimination.
  • Rank Booster – With the Rank Booster features, boost your rank instantly with Auto Win 50%, Jungle Fast 30%, Damage Up 45%, Team Pro 75%, Enemy Lag 25%, Enemy Feeding 20%, and more.
  • Password-Protected – This injector is a password-protected app.
  • Backup – Backup options are available to restore changes.

How to Download and Install EZ Month?

The latest version was released currently, so, not many third-party websites have the updated version download link. Gamers are looking everywhere to get it but all in vain.

If you came exhausted searching through different websites and platforms, look no further, we have found and brought you the right link. Click the download button and get this app in a few minutes.

  • Download the EZ Month apk from the given link.
  • Go to Android Security settings, make sure to check the Unknown Sources Option, if not enabled already.
  • Navigate to the downloaded file and click on it to kickstart the installation process.
  • Give it a few seconds to install, launch the app and start injecting right away.

What’s New?

Each new version is updated with exciting versions to keep users interested in the application. In the latest version, users get 6 new customized skins, two new intros, a new Jaya Jaya alterego emote and some bugs are fixed.


This is a password-protected injector application that requires a password to get access to premium features. Type REVAMP in the password section.

Putting it all together, it is a fun Android injector app that provides access to pricey ML objects for ML lovers. Download without thinking twice, share this cool injector with fellow ML players.