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Detail of Fake IMEI FF

As we all know, using mods and injectors can be quite risky and may lead to gaming accounts getting banned. On the other hand, these tools are addicting and players never stop using them and love the freedom.

What if we tell you there is a tool that can help you with the banning problem, Fake IMEI FF. As the name clears a lot about the purpose of the tool, you will get all the additional information along with a working download link.

No one can deny the fact that how Garena Free Fire has gained immense popularity within a short span.

The game has left many action games behind and counted among the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Like these MOBAs, it has dozens of premium items that require money to unlock.

With all the players’ favorite items locked, they look elsewhere for help. They use mods, patchers, injectors, and more to have multiple privileges.

However, they are soon punished with a ban as the gaming authorities are quick at detecting accounts using such tools. It is never safe to use such applications but that’s when tools like Fake IMEI FF come to the rescue.

Free Fire IMEI has revolutionized the FF gaming space, and every other gamer wants to get their hands on the tool. Here’s exactly what it does.

What is Fake IMEI FF?

This is an Android tool that creates a new and dummy IP address of your device, so, that you can create another account using the new address.

It has helped many blocked FF players regain control and play the game again with the same enthusiasm. It works well for all injectors like Kaori ML and Nix Injector.

It works by generating a false IP address of your internet connection or an IMEI of an Android.

The new credentials allow the owner to reopen the banned account on the same device. However, a player should use these tools carefully and never go overboard with them.

With apps like Free Fire Fake IMEI, diehard fans can play the game on banned devices. Authorities ban the IMEI of the phone or tablet, so, players can not play the game using that particular device. IMEI and IP address can both be changed at once. This app has been tested on multiple banned accounts and worked perfectly well.

Features of Fake IMEI FF

You may or may not have heard that such an app exist that lets you play Free Fire from the blocked device. It is quite possible and this app is backed by all the evidence. Have a look at its amazing features and how it serves users.

  • Create IMEI & IP Address- Create new, alternate, or fake IMEI and IP addresses to gain access to Garena Free Fire. 
  • Blocked Smartphones – Blocked IMEI and IP address means that you can not play the game on a certain device. With this app, replay FF like before.
  • Unban Accounts – Besides facilitating users to create a new account, it has helped unban many previous FF accounts. 
  • Compatibility – It works in all regions and on all Android devices.
  • Small Size – Even though the purpose served by the app is quite big, the app size is about 1.2 MBs.
  • No Ads – Do your work and get going without watching any intrusive ads. 

How to Install Fake IMEI FF Apk?

You surely want to install this app, right? Who wouldn’t after hearing about all its features, it is just impossible to resist. It is a wondrous app that saves you from the cruel gaming filters. Most websites host outdated links but here we are back yet again with a fully functional, latest download link.

Most third-party app stores are notorious for carrying virus-affected links, so, we addressed the problem and scan the links first before presenting them to you. Here’s how you can download and install this amazing app.

  • Download Fake IMEI FF APK from the given app
  • If you got a security alert, worry not, it is because you have not allowed apk applications. Do so by going to Security settings, then Application tab, and activating the Unknown Sources Option.
  • After activation, click on the downloaded file to begin the installation, wait for it to finish, and launch the app.

How To Use Fake IMEI FF?

The process is quite tricky but understandable and can be done with no hurdles. If you have a smooth, fast internet connection, it will be only a matter of minutes and you will have the Fake IMEI for your Free Fire account. 

  • Duplicate the IMEI using this tool
  • Change the IP address using VPN, and you are good to go.


There are only a handful of such tools that exist in the market as of yet. This is a unique tool that addresses a problem encountered by thousands of Free Fire players. Fake IMEI FF lets you play your dearest action game with all the illegal tools and without getting caught.