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Frozen City

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Detail of Frozen City

Today we will share an interesting game with you guys where you have to build cities. This wonderful game is known as Frozen City. It is an amazing game where users have to save their cities from severe cold. To do that players have to make huge fires to keep their cities warm. In addition, the increase in construction causes increases in fire which makes the environment warmer. Also, the small fires turn into larger heat generators.

Moreover, users have to provide basic facilities like food and medical care to the people. To do that you have to build food stores and hospitals. You can also visit our site where you can find games like Wr3d 2k23 which are also great games to make your boring time full of fun and enjoyment. Also, with the passage of time the construction and other processes become slow to make it more realistic.

Features of Frozen City:

In this game, players have to provide different facilities to the people who are living their lives in the ice age. There are a lot of features in this game that make it more entertaining and attractive for users to play. Talking about these features are as follows:

Resources, building, and heating:

The main and important part of this game is the people who are living in the town. These people are responsible to build and collect other resources. Among these people, there are two main groups. The first group is of workers and the second group is of engineers. The workers manage jobs like hunting or exploring the area while the group of engineers works in hospitals, workshops, and factories. Also, there are many other jobs that anyone can avail of.

The main resources of Frozen City are iron and wood which are used in development research and construction. Wood is used to build everything but on the other hand, iron is only used for advanced technology. In this game, the main opponent of players is the severe cold which they have to fight with. Also, to overcome the cold users have to build an insulated building to keep the townspeople safe. You have to either insulate the building or construct a central heating system.

Survival simulator of Frozen City:

The first and most important aim of the game is to construct safe places for the people to keep them warm from the cold. The real purpose of everyone is to survive somehow. Also, you have to collect resources with the passage of time as you can run out of resources very soon. In addition, collecting resources like wood, steel, coal, and food is not an easy task in severe temperate.

Further, if you do not provide facilities to the people they might get sick and die eventually. The place near the generator is warmer but there is not enough space for everyone. So it will be a very interesting job to manage a whole city and also to keep everyone safe.

Usage of technologies:

Technology is something that can help people in their daily life. Same as in Frozen City with the help of technology you can easily manage your city. It consists of four sub-divisions. The first part consists of a heating system. In addition, if you increase the radius and power of heating it will automatically lower the prices of coal.

After that, the second group is responsible for the exploration of new areas and factories. In the meantime with the help of research, you can increase the number of scouts and their working process in Frozen City. Moreover, with factories, you can replace people with robots to increase your work. The third group helps you with the extraction of resources. It includes the construction of new factories, sawmills, and many other things to facilitate your people with their basic needs.

Lastly, the fourth group is responsible for the supply of food and medicine with the increase in the production of farms and hospitals.


The frozen city is an amazing city management game where players have to manage a city. Moreover, with the available resources users have to fulfill the basic needs of the people. Also, to increase your development you have to find new resources and materials which will make your city more advanced.

But at the same time, your main goal is to keep the people of the city warm as the temperature is severely cold. You will find this game very interesting. Download this application now to enjoy the amazing features available here and make your day interesting.