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Detail of GS Modz

Looking for an all-time FF mod? Luckily, it has arrived. Known as GS Modz, this app is designed to benefit Free Fire players with many battle features and in-game items. It works for free and is nearly similar to the original game with only one exception. It offers superior control over the game with unlimited resources. This hard-to-find mod is available on our website for installation.

Garena Free Fire (GFF) players were waiting for a quality tool for a long time, mostly, the latest releases do not have notable functionality. FF players are always on the lookout for these newly released apps that provide optimal functionality combined with security.

Such third-party tools are not known for their tight security system, therefore, there is always a risk of ban. Since mod apps are revised versions of the game, the risk is somewhat reduced. Besides security, not all mod and injector tools are made to cover all aspects of the game. you can also download Arabs hacker for more free fires

This GS Modz Free Fire mod is an exception and the developer has made sure that all bases are covered. The all-in-one tool offers many exclusive features and special superpowers to the users for leverage.

What is GS Modz FF?

Developed by MODZ, the GS Modz Free Fire is a tailor-made app for FF fighters. Even players with fewer skills will win battles easily. With brand new tricks and battle features, fighting with advanced opponents is much easier.

It contains newer and advanced tricks that many other similar tools lack. With so many options, you can control the whole game and the gameplay at your fingertips. You can become a pro player with 100% injectable tricks.

The unlimited resources and battle features just add fun to the game. Inject the relevant feature and just go into chill mode as you have got assistance.

The app is embedded with an anti-ban script that is quite helpful in letting you stay under the radar and not get caught by the authorities.


  • You will truly get to explore features after installing this GS Modz apps as it has plenty of them. All these options boost the interest of the players in the game. Some of the main mod features are given below.
  • HS Menu – It is the first menu that contains different options like Peito and Hs so no Masculino for the Free Firefighters.
  • 60% Risko De Black/Ban – Another section of the mod app has a sub-menu having features like Brutal and Quadril.
    ESP Menu – The ESP or Extra Sensory Perception menu has all the relevant features that can help you look through walls, cars, and containers to monitor enemies.
  • This menu includes Fly kong+ESP, Wall Gel+ESP, Moto CR7, Antena Radar, Tiro Vira Moto, and ESP+Speed Soco.
  • Regedit – Regedit menu offers Reg v6, Sensi X, Sensi Y, and Aimlock 38%.
  • Textura – The app has several options like @APK Souza, @Suza Skin, Influenciador, Calca Angelical Azul, Angelical
  • Vermelha, Calca Angelical Branca, and Angelical Colorida Calca.
  • Wall Trick – It includes Carro: Elimination and Bug Pedra.
  • Free – Get all app services free of charge including the premium items. Everything available in the original game is accessible for zero dollars.
  • User Interface – The simple, graphical user interface is easier to use and presents all the features in a single menu.

How to Download and Install GS Modz?

Thanks to the availability of unlimited sources and skins, no one can say no to this amazing tool. If you have been looking to switch to another mod, it is worth a shot. This Free Fire mod menu is quite new and not available on many websites.

Few websites that host this tool have a broken download link that gets you nowhere. We are a trusted third-party app store with plenty of quality apps in our arsenal. If you have been looking for mods, streaming apps, or others, explore our website.

The download link posted here is free from malware, virus, or any malicious codes harmful to the device. By following the given steps, you can install the app and explore its features.

Allow Apk Apps – Before downloading and installing, first of all, you have to allow third-party apps on your device. If disabled, you can not have this mod installed on your smartphone. It can be activated or enabled by toggling on the Unknown Sources option from settings.
Download – Download the version of the tool by clicking on the download hyperlink and waiting till the process completes and the file is saved.
Installation – It is quite easy to install, simply navigate to the downloaded file, tap on it, confirm installation, and wait till the process is over.


Much to everyone’s relief, the app is not protected with a password, key, or username. It is up to the developer to lock the app with a password for security reasons. Some versions of the app can be password-protected, there is a possibility that the next version might have a password.

How to Use GS Modz?

You would not find it hard at all to use GS Modz, the menu is straightforward with no complications. The eye-catching user interface makes it even fun to use.

Go to the mobile menu, click on the app icon, and allow permission to storage and other accesses.
Luckily, there is no need to put any password for getting access to the homepage.
Get access to the menu where all the options are available and explore.
Scroll up and down to explore and select the feature needed by you the most.


If you do not like this tool or have already tested it, you might want to switch to a different one. There are many alternatives that you can try such as Yefry RD, Arabs Hacker VIP, or Bad Team.

Concluding Thoughts

This concludes our guide to one of the most efficient new FF mod tools. It is not quite popular yet, install it on your device before it becomes common. Spread the word if you liked this mod menu for Garena Free Fire.