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HD Streamz is becoming an increasingly popular Android live streaming application or as we like to call it “Mini Live TV”. Watch TV, listen to Radio, and live stream sports events with this IPTV app. HD Streamz Android provides all that other streaming apps lack. A download link is available for aspiring users to install.

To date, you may have encountered many such apps, how many of them worked? We would like to say, a few. These apps offer various administrations at several memberships plans, and the bill of monthly subscription can be quite costly. Not every app provides everything, therefore, a user may have to subscribe to different apps at a time to watch what they love.

With technological innovation, no one wants to sit in front of a TV and wait for their favorite shows to air. Usage of IPTV apps is becoming fashionable nowadays as we step foot in the modern era. Unlike many other applications, HD streamz fulfills its promise to bring the world live to your device.

With amazing in-built features, the user’s experience with this app goes far beyond expectations. It is undoubtedly one of the best entertainment alternatives available on the market.

What is HD Streamz?

Developed by HD Streamz Team, the app features more than 1000 channels and live shows from India and different countries of the world. From this extensive combination, watch any channel at any time and anywhere.

A monthly subscription really bothers users and can be a deal-breaker for most people but this app provides services free of charge. No need to pay even a cent for streaming live channels. This may have brought you relief that the app charges zero dollars for its services.

The channels are divided into different categories and different countries, so, that users can find their favorite channels easily. Just write the name on the search bar and stream the channel instantly.

Features of HD Streamz

As the HD Streamz is one of the hyped applications nowadays, we are bound to discuss why. Some vital features of the app set it apart from the rest. If you are a new user, we will be disclosing the features for you, stay here to learn.


A user can enjoy and stream from the colossal assortment of channels. With over 1000 channels, you will not run out of options to stream.

Multiple Streaming Links

Sometimes streaming links do not work, therefore, developers have put more than one link for each channel.

Media Player

The app has in-built support of different media players like MX Player, X Player, and VLC Player.


A user can stream video content and channels of multiple nations like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, and others.

Request Channel

If you do not find your favorite channel in the list, request a team of developers to add it.

HD Quality

The app provides all the channels in HD quality.

Radio Live Streaming

Explore the world’s top radio stations and add what you want to hear, update songs and tracks through radio mode if desired.


The app includes content from over 20 countries and genres like news, sports, movie or TV shows, etc.

Report Broken Link

If any of the streaming links are not working, report it to the technical team. The error will be fixed in a short time.


The app has a user-friendly interface with all the categories well-designed on the main dashboard.


The app is compatible with all Android Operating systems as well as tablets, Fire Stick, Fire TV, and various models, and manufactured Android boxes.

No Registration

No need to enter Email ID, country, or zip code, get access directly.

HD Streamz APK

How to Install HD Streamz APK?

After knowing all the features, you may want to download the app. As you know, it is a third-party app that can not be downloaded from Google Play Store, so, your best bet is, a reliable third-party website. Luckily, you have come to the right place as we provide our readers with a safe, malware-free link for the app.

We recommend installing the latest version as it is improved and has all the exciting updates. Follow the guidelines to install this IPTV app.

  • Download HD Streamz apk from the link given in the post.
  • Do not skip this step if you want to install third-party apps successfully, enable Unknown Sources from the Application tab within the Phone settings.
  • Find the downloaded file in the Downloads section of the browser and begin installation by clicking on it.
  • The installation will be done after a few seconds, open the app, select your desired category, and channel to stream.

Putting It All Together

Trusted by thousands of users, you can stream channels from this source without any problem. The app will keep you entertained for hours by letting you stream your favorite videos.

January 20, 2022