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Hikari Modz

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Detail of Hikari Modz

With Hikari Modz, players will not feel inferior in front of advanced players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This helping tool is specially designed to support all the weak players to win the game effortlessly. Users of this app will not get disappointed with its services as it has highly appreciated functions. Without any hesitation, players can utilize the app because it can work on all kinds of android versions. All you need to do is Download Hikari Modz and it will boost MLBB instantly with its modern techniques.

Undoubtedly, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently ruling over the hearts of millions of people. This highly popular game is not easy after the first few levels, players have to face more cruel enemies. Under this circumstance, players can not move forward without the assistance of premium features. These premium features are out of the reach of many players owing to poverty. Therefore, they use third-party tools to play against advanced players comfortably.

We often come up with a new helping tool to please players of different action games. Today we again come with a special app Hikari Modz to delight our Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. Try this new mod for this 5 vs 5 action game if you want to get rid of other old and outdated apps.

What is a Hikari Modz?

This is an android app that will let the users rule over this immensely popular game. To boost up the interest of the players, this app is unlocking almost all the premium features without money. Eliminate your deadliest enemies without missing even a single bullet.

No need to work hard in order to get mastery of this game. Now even a person with low skills can rule over this game hassle-free.

What are the key features of Hikari Modz?

Down here we are going to share the full list of amazing features of this ML Mod app.

  • Esp menu;
  • All aim;
  • Damage up 80%;
  • Drone view;
  • Enemy lag;
  • Fix dark system;
  • Menu setting;
  • Room info- lobby;
  • Set text size;
  • Free app;
  • No sign up required;
  • And many others.

What are the alternatives to Hikari Modz?

There are several helping tools available on our website for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, if you want to know the close substitute of this app then utilize the services of Peycron patcher. Our website is hosting the latest and direct link of Peycron Patcher to please all the disappointed players of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this helping app free?

Yes, it is absolutely free of charge. In other words, it is offering all of its services without taking money from users.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, players can use these kinds of applications without any special configuration and formalities. Developers of these kinds of apps try hard to design a user interface in a simple way to facilitate players.

Is it free to download?

Yes, almost all third-party websites are offering download links to multiple helping apps for free. Players can download a wide variety of different helping applications from our website for free.

Is it safe?

We can not give a guarantee about the safety of any such apps because these third-party apps are not safe at all. There is always a risk of a temporary or permanent ban so use it occasionally.


It is summed up that Hikari Modz has the ability to control the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from all aspects. Get ready to kill your most cruel enemies without missing a chance. Without wasting a single moment, download this app and see the difference.