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HM WhatsApp

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Android 4.0 +
Hassan Moussa
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Detail of HM WhatsApp

If you are a WhatsApp mod geek and like trying out new and improved developments then HM WhatsApp is for you. HMWhatsApps fits perfectly with all your needs, the privacy you wish the mod to provide, and the customization. We guarantee you that it is a safe platform to share data, messages, and media. Download the HM WhatsApp apk to see how it works and explore its features.

WhatsApp is among the few apps with billions of active users. It has revolutionized communication means by just taking seconds to send messages. It has brought people from different countries closer by allowing free calls and messages. No doubt it is a wonderful app but users complaint that it’s limiting in several ways.

They wish certain features to be changed or the authorities must lift restrictions. However, there are no such steps taken by the authorities, so, developers took it upon themselves to design WhatsApp with all the features that user wants to see in the official version.

This experiment was quite successful and one of the by-products is HM WhatsApp. Like other mods, the developer has put user preferences first and designed the mod accordingly.

What is HM WhatsApp?

Based on the WhatsApp version, the mod is similar in working with FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and Yo WhatsApp. The mod is developed by Hassan Moussa, the HM is taken from the developer’s name. It is currently being used in many countries especially Turkey, India, and Spain. It allows you to customize the app with exclusive features. The mod offers many privacy settings like hiding blue ticks, last seen, etc.

It is not an official app, so, messages are saved on the server or backed up on Google Drive. If you want the backup feature, look for another mod. It is quite risky to use these apps but with the anti-ban feature, your account would have a low chance of getting banned.

Features of HM Whatsapp:

Some of the features are similar to the official app whereas others are exclusive. It is a lightweight app with a file size of about 40 MB and is available for free to install and use. This offer is hard to turn down, so, install it before it’s too late. The main functions are as follows

  • Image Sharing – Unlike the official app, you can share more than 90 images in a single message.
  • No Notifications – You can disable the features to avoid getting irritating notifications.
  • Last Call Time – A user can choose to hide the last seen time.
  • Schedule Messages – This feature is not present in the official version but you can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time.
  • Translator – If you do not understand the language of the person you are speaking to, the inbuilt translator will help you out. You can send a translated message with it as well.
  • Video-Sharing – The official version allows you to share videos of 16 MB, here, you can send videos up to 50 MB.
  • Status Size – WhatsApp allows 139 characters for the status. With this mod, the limit is increased to 250 characters.
  • Themes – Many users want the app interface to look a certain way. With several themes, it is easy to customize how the app looks.
  • DND Mode – Set Do Not Disturb mode to block calls and messages for as long as you want.
  • Hidden Conversations – If you do not want anyone reading your conversation, have a hidden conversation with this feature.
  • Conversation Bubble – Change the style and appearance of the conversation bubble.

How To Download and Install HM WhatsApp?

To install this WhatsApp alternative, you have to find a reliable, independent source. It can not be downloaded via Google Play Store as it does not host mod apps. It is against the rules and policies of Google to have such apps in the store. Worry not, it’s not the end as we have brought a download link for you, right here.

The app was upgraded recently with new features and many bugs were removed. It is better to download the latest version to get the best of any mod or app.

  • The initial step should be to allow third-party apps, otherwise, you would not be able to install this mod. Don’t know how? Go to Android phone settings and activate Unknown Sources.
  • Download the HM WhatsApp apk from the link given in the post
  • Now comes the easy part, click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Once installed after a few seconds, open the app and use it as usual.


If you are a WhatsApp mod enthusiast and have tried different alternatives and are always on the lookout for others, put HM WhatsApp on the list to try out next. It has many similarities and differences with other mods on our website. If you know someone looking for a WhatsApp alternative, do tell them about HM WhatsApp.