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Kuroyama Rank Booster

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Detail of Kuroyama Rank Booster

Rank up easily with Kuroyama Rank Booster ML! As it is clear from the name, it works solely for boosting ranks. There are many other apps with somewhat similar names, so, don’t get confused, install it as you will get unmatchable functions. Good news for you as you can download the latest version of the tool from here without any hassle.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has received so much love from all the fighting game lovers. Not all gamers are good at the game, some players can not get ahead without external aid.

Most players struggle to improve their rank, and the journey is surely not a cakewalk.

When players fail to play their part, that’s when apps like Kuroyama Booster VIP come to the rescue. These apps work best for players experiencing ranking problems.

Not all tools help rank up quickly some are just downright trash and a waste of time. To date, hundreds of tools claim to improve rank but only a few live up to their words.

If you are disappointed with many such apps, Kuroyama Booster will resolve all the minor and major issues. Here is some important information you need to know about the tool.

What is Kuroyama Rank Booster ML?

Developed by Evos, this Android app brings several options in one portal, the prominent one is a rank booster. It cleverly modifies the Mobile Legends game to improve rank performance.

The app Kuroyama Rank Booster works by deceiving game-rank controllers to get the top position automatically without putting in any work.

It is quite easy to boost rank which is otherwise a painstaking task. One unique feature of this app is Anti-Cheater, when it is activated, no player can cheat with you.

Another helpful feature is Damage Up 50%, this additional feature up the percentage of damage done to the competitor to give you triumph.

While providing the users with the best of services, developers have not forgotten about user account security.

This concern is expressed by most gamers, therefore, they have made it a priority to take measures to protect user gaming ID by integrating the anti-ban feature.


Features Of Kuroyama Rank Booster:

It is a handy tool that has a core focus on a single aspect, rank boosting. Improvement of gaming skills is no longer necessary which makes it significantly more enjoyable and playable. Get extra points and improve your rank instantly.

Rank improvement that you are struggling with for weeks will only be a matter of minutes for this app. You will get the highest rank and badges. Here is a summarized list of the features available

Rank Booster

First and foremost, the app focuses on getting you the top rank. It provides help and modifies the game cleverly to let you gain the top position.

No Lag

Lag can change the game by delaying the response, so the tool makes sure you have a smooth gameplay experience.

Enemy Lag

The app Kuroyama Rank Booster messes with the enemy’s servers causing them to lag.


This feature makes sure there are no cheaters in your game or someone with external support.


Just switch on this mod, and win the game automatically.

Types of Sequence

Select from Warriors, Elite Masters, Grand Masters, Epic, Legend, and Mythology.


It supports different cards like Brawl, Magic Chess, Classic, and Ranking.

Team Pro Player

Play like a pro player on the team

Damage Up 50%

Increase the damage to enemies and their weapons by 50%.

There are some alternatives like Devil Modz, JokerART Mod, and Scynix Dias Generator available.

How to Download and Install Kuroyama Rank Booster ML APK?

If you struggle with rank improvement, you surely want to download it right away. Many third-party websites claim to provide the original link with no malware, do not trust the word of mouth, and these download links may harm your device.

After hearing pleas from gamers like you, we have made it a daily ritual to bring you mod tools, patchers, and injectors with safe download links and original files that you would not find on most websites. Here’s how you can install it.

  • Download Kuroyama Rank Booster ML apk from the given link.
  • Do not skip this mandatory step, otherwise, you can not install these tools. Go to Android security settings, open the Application tab, and toggle on the Unknown Sources Option.
  • Next up is clicking on the downloaded file to begin the installation process.
  • Once installed, launch the tool, give the necessary permission, and go through the features list.
  • Toggle on and off the desired feature.
  • A player is free to choose one or multiple features at a time, however, we would recommend selecting one.

Concluding Remarks:

ML is a game of skill, without it, the player can not even move forward a single step. Cash investment is just not an option for millions of gamers so they use supportive tools like Kuroyama Rank Booster. After hearing from thousands of gamers, let us tell you it does not disappoint at all.