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Detail of LZ Mod

So are you ready to knock off the enemies from the battlefield of Garena Free Fire? Then you are not alone, it’s the dream of every player. What you need to do is Download LZ Mod and start ruling the battlefield with improved fighting skills.

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooting game for Android and iOS users. Millions of players across the globe take part in the hectic battle daily. Each player has a different level and skill. Advanced players use different tricks to beat the opponent and they can easily knock off noobs within a minute.

So every fighter must have different powers or weapons to stay long in front of these deadly enemies. These powers and weapons can only be attained by winning the tasks and missions or by spending dollars on them.

Everyone wants easy access to these resources without spending money on them. Out of hundreds of mods and scripts we are here with one of the amazing mod menus, Lz Mod Free Fire.

What is an LZ Mod Free Fire?

Developed by Lz Mod, the mod menu will enable the player to get all the locked items without spending a single penny. With lots of cheats and tricks, the mod will enhance the gameplay. With this mod, players can get the remarkable victory that they dream of for a long time. Gaining points, pushing up ranks, and smashing enemies is no more a nightmare for the players.

Is it safe to use LZ Mod?

A big No, these supporting tools are common nowadays but they can put the entire gaming account at risk. The security filters of popular multiplayer games are taking serious actions against such culprits. These culprits will receive a ban from gaming authorities and they will lose all the paid achievements permanently without notice.

Are there any precautionary measures a player should take to avoid the risk of a ban?

The gaming authorities never forgive such culprits as they create a major imbalance in the gameplay by using such mods. These tools can give free access to all the costly items in the game. Hence in this way such tools are involved in shrinking the revenue of the game. So the authorities have a zero-tolerance policy for such hackers. But to avoid the risk a player should act on the following things.

During the battle using only one cheat at a time.
First, make a fake account through virtual space software and then use a hacking tool on this fake account instead of an official one.
The enemy forces can report the player if they find them guilty and get a reward from authorities. So use cheats with caution.

Key Features

The LZ Mod is full of all the essential features that players need to win over their rivals. Below is the list of cheats.

  • Aimbot.
  • Antenna head.
  • Fast reload.
  • Purpose Hd.
  • Serial bypass.
  • Medkit 3s.
  • White body.
  • Blackland.
  • Raindrops.
  • And many more.

Ghost Mod

Ghost Mod is one of the funniest cheats ever, it is hard for the opponent to see the player. So the players can kill more enemies by being invincible.

High Damage

With this cheat, players can give high damage to the opponent’s weapons and health. So that they will not be able to fight.

No Trees

The mod will remove all the trees and grass from the battlefield from the player’s end. So that he can see the enemies hiding under the grass or trees.

ESP Cheats

ESP cheats will enable the player to see through walls and make it easy for the player to kill the enemies that are hiding behind the terrain or walls.

Drone View

LZ Mod offers a better and a long view of the battlefield. So that players can make a quick strategy of killing timely.

Free Fire Skins

Players can get almost all the skins of their favourite characters for free. SF Tool is also providing the desired skins, these you want to unlock in the gameplay.


With the anti-ban feature, players can save the gaming account from getting a ban.

Night Mode

If players want to play in night mode then they can enable the night mode by using this mod.

Other Cheats

It is quite impossible to explain all the cheats of mode in one post. Players will explore more once they installed the tool.

How to use LZ Mod?

The tool has a smart and catchy interface that allows all the players to use the tool with no difficulty. On the homepage, the player will get a list of cheats available for use. By selecting the desired cheat, it will be injected in no time.


LZ Mod Free Fire will make the gameplay easy, fun, and less stressful. With its amazing tips and tricks, players can kill enemies like never before. ESP cheats can blow the mind of the enemies as they get a shot through the wall. But use these cheats with caution otherwise they can land the players in big trouble.