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New Box Skin
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This amazing app is that we are going to introduce today is New Box Skin 2021. Let’s discuss it in detail. To get new epic avatars and skins, you need another simple method. To get a short route, read this article in its entirety. Let me show you a quick and easy way to gain access to epic skins and avatars. And introduce an amazing application.

MLBB is the most popular game on Android and other platforms after PUBG Mobile. More than 100 million people use it worldwide. The goal of this game is to defeat your opponent’s base by capturing it. The game only comes with a limited amount of skins and the power of the heroes is limited if you’re a new player.

If you want to compete with professionals, you must find new and powerful heroes. You must win all your matches and improve your game in order to get a new and powerful hero, but winning all your matches is not easy.

What is New Box Skin 2021?

This is a skin injecter application. That is specially designed for ML players’ and it is available for both Android and iOS. With the help of this application, players can enjoy playing games easily and they can access numerous premium skins for free. It is developed by BOXSKIN87.

New Box Skin

The developer develops this amazing app to get access to premium skins and avatars for MLBB players who don’t want to spend any money on new skins. Users can get access to a thousand new epic skins and avatars with the help of the new box skin injector app. It is not available in any app store as it is a third-party app that is made for MLBBA fans, but you can download it via our website.

What kind of heroes I will get by using New Box Skin Injector?

Here you can get a huge collection of heroes. Here is the list of heroes and characters:

  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Tank
  • Marksman
  • Fighter
  • Support
  • Assassin

The list of Assassin heroes: Alucard, Hayabusa, Lapu-Lapu, Natalia, Yi Sun-Shin, Fanny, Zilong, Hanzo, Karina, Ling, Lesley, Selena, Gusion, Helcurt, Lancelot and Saber.

App Screenshots

New Box Skin
New Box Skin


Alice, Esmeralda, Kagura, Harith, Guinevere, Faramis, Aurora, Cyclops, Cecilion, Harley,Eudora, Kimmy, Luo Yi, Pharsa, Gord, Gusion, Kadita, Karina, Lenox, Nana, Odette, Lylia, Vale, Vexana, Silvanna, Zhask, Selena, Valid


Belerick, Gatotkaca, Lolita, Minotaur, Khufra, Esmeralda, Balmond, Johnson, Franco, Masha, Atlas, Tigreal, Akai, Uranus, Hylos, Grock, Baxia, Hilda, New Box Skin has all these in the section and much more will be available soon in the new version.


Bruno, Wanwan, Hanabi, Karrie, Lesley, Granger, Claude, Moskov, Kimmy, Layla, Roger, Clint, Irithel, Miya, Yi Sun-Shin, Popol and Kupa,


Aldous, Bane, Alpha, Balmond, Dyrroth, Guinevere, Jawhead, Alucard, Argus, Badang, Hilda, Freya, Leomord, Chou, Masha, Lapu-Lapu, Kaja, Martis, Minsitthar, Roger, Terizla, Ruby, Zilong, Silvanna, Sun, thamuz, X.Borg


Faramis, Carmilla, Kaja, Nana, Minotaur, Angela, Rafaela, Lolita, Diggie, Estes


Here are some amazing and unique features of New box skin 2021: This collection of Skin App is similar to the NIX Injector and New iMOBA to unlock items. Let’s check out the papular key points altogether for all these three ML skins collect inside a box. Every new version comes with new updates and several other features including.

This application improves your Mobile Legend experience by injecting skins for tank, fighter, assassin, marksman, mage, and support. The feature Analogs, Spawn and battle emotes are available. Additionally, the drone View feature is available. You can inject your favorite cheats within few clicks. It is absolutely free to use this application.

  • There are elimination effects.
  • There are several background themes available. you can use custom themes.
  • It does not contain any harmful virus. It is safe to use.
  • The size of the app is small and does not contain any extra space.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that everyone can use without any technical skills.
  • It works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. and much more.
  • If you wanna explore all these amazing of this game download it now.

How to Download & Install New Box Skin?

By clicking the button below, you will be able to download New Box Skin Injector APK. once the download is complete, Your online web browser will show the APK file in the “Downloads” section. In order to download third-party applications to your phone, you need to make sure that they are compatible with the system you are using.

To make it possible follow these steps: open Menu > Preferences > Security > and install applications from Google sources with Play Store participation by allowing anonymous resources in the cell phone.

In your internet browser, you can now “download” and then tap the file that you have downloaded. Upon completing the above steps, you can install the APK file. It is possible you will receive an installation prompt. Start using it right away once you have finished the installation process.


We have shared all details about this amazing app in this article. I hope you like this and now you can download the New Box Skin 2021. this app is secure and virus-free download it without any hesitation. for more amazing apps bookmark our page and get the latest apps info.

August 30, 2021