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Detail of Nicoo

Nicoo Free Fire is the perfect tool app for Garena free fire games. This app supplies certain surprises including weapons and all types of customized skins and other options like changing and creating backgrounds for FF games. This is a helping app that provides tools to change the attributes of the free-fire games. There is a built-in simulator that allows its consumers to customize the game environment as they desire.

The most important aspect of the app is that it contains a huge variety of skin colors and types. Players can choose or select from the unlocked skin types. You are also free to design your character or choose from the images from your device.

In this app, players need to select a free fire game and then begin to customize the character. This app is useful in case you want to design your hero. There are huge varieties of unlocked and purchasable features like hair color and cuts. Also, skin type and tones can be chosen. In addition, you can put up a different background or take a picture then upload it.

What is Nicoo Free Fire?

Nicoo app is so much in demand as people want to see themselves as heroes in the game. This is there to help live your dreams of becoming the character or hero you want to see in the game.

There is an endless list of skins to choose from. Moreover, the costume and its design are also in the hands of its player.

You can also change the view of the game or even stand at a distance where you can see every other person in the game.

Players can choose from multiple skins and the app remembers the preferences. In addition, you can also shift your skin or skins during the game at any point.

More and more options appear in the floating window above the game field as you proceed. This is an APK which means you don’t need to spend extra money or wait for long queues.

Nicoo as APK

Are you ready to make your player stylish? Here is the thing. Download the app according to the procedure mentioned below. Allow the nicoo Free fire app to have access to your images and photos on the device.

Select any picture or create your avatar. This might take a while but we recommend that you take your sweet time. Create your hero just as you want and change anything from hair to clothes at any point.

The app offers so many styles that most of the times people get confused about choosing. That Is not a big issue as the app also provides the facility of alterations.

In addition this app is safe to use and all your data is safe with us. Moreover, the app is providing different tools and weapons of numerous styles to the players.

Other accessories like hats and caps even boots and shoes are also available. Wristwatches or swords, we provide you all.

Features of Nicoo

Backpack and Parachute

Players are free to choose accessories and other secret weapons.

This feature is unlocked only at a higher level of the game.

Players can carry a backpack full of supplies and other gadgets they earn during the game.

The parachute can be used or not used until it’s very much needed but it is available in the app.

One parachute can be used only once and then you need to take another.

Costumes/ Hats/ Masks

Who doesn’t want to look like a retro in a game of free fire? Inspired looks are always welcomed in the app.

Choose your shoes, hats, dresses, or armors and customize the look of your players like NS tool and Skull Mod.

Give your hero a nice descent hair cut and color or play funky in the process, it’s up to you.

You can also apply goggles or hide the face with a mask. Apply rings in the ears or nose piercing or other parts of the body as you wish


There is a huge variety of weapons to choose from.

Swords, guns, rifles, shields, grenades, missiles, and a long list are waiting for you.

Choose your weapon wisely as you don’t want to put burden your player by loading weapons he won’t need.

Each group of weapons is further divided into categories that involve shapes, sizes, and all features as such.

The latest version of the game only 

One most major point to be noted at this level is that the Nicoo Free Fire only works for the latest version of the Garena fire game. All other or previous apps and games of a similar type are not recognized by this app.

If any person has any opinion regarding the game, the app developers are always open to considering it. As the game free fire updates and signs of progress, the same happens with the NICOO app.


This is the fun part of the article where we talk about the process by which we can get the app.

  • The first step first, make sure your internet connection is running properly.
  • In the second step, you must click on the download button as mentioned
  • Thirdly allow access to an unknown resource to download the desired file
  • Fourthly click on the Nicoo Free Fire APK file and wait a while till it installs
  • Lastly register with any social media account or any valid email ID

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this app hard to use?

This Nicoo app is super easy to use as every tool is affiliated with pictures. Viewers can pick from the wide variety by looking at the descriptive images in the floating windows

How do we get rid of ads?

APK version of the app is ad-free. The developers have made sure that players get the ultimate unhindered entertainment.


In the end, we conclude that this Nicoo Free Fire is the best customization app so far. For the Garena FREE FIRE games, there is no other app on the web that is providing this huge variety of options. Players can unlock or purchase items they like or feel that they need in the game. Don’t go anywhere looking for apps that don’t suit your demands. Do click on the download button on this page to get the best app now.