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Nika TV
Nika TV
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Missing out on your favorite shows because you don’t have time to sit in front of the big Television? We have brought you the perfect solution so you don’t have to miss out on any fun anymore.


It is a live TV app for those who prefer watching their shows on time but cannot do so due to reasons.

Nika TV is providing free and live sports, news shows, and dramas on your mobile phones and other android devices.

Nonetheless, the best part is that it does not require any subscription charges.

Moreover, downloading this app is also free. Most of the channels belong to Pakistan and India as the app was primarily designed for these countries.

What is Nika TV?

This app is perfect for Asian entertainment. Furthermore, the app is updated from time to time to avoid any malfunction or picture equality issues.

Android users can download the app on their devices and watch the shows they follow anywhere with no interruption.

Nevertheless, other applications are also available nationwide for the never-ending thrill of sports lovers.

This TV is most wanted by match lovers especially cricket matches. For instance, IPL and PSL are the most wanted series on this app.

Apart from that, the users have access to multiple platforms on this app. Also, there are other free and paid channels as well that are available on customer demand.

Above all users are free to select from many other sections as well. In the same way a few of the categories include the following

  • Games
  • Cinema
  • Enjoyment
  • Music
  • Cartoons
  • News
  • Historical
  • Adventure shows
  • Reality shows etc

What’s new?

  • New channels are added all the time
  • Motion picture quality is our priority
  • Sports channels are most rated and demanded
  • No bugs issues
  • No one needs to wait for buffering

To demonstrate the app itself is up to the mark as it never lets its audience get bored or distracted.

Most importantly, people who believe in true entertainment know that the actual shows are those which do not let the concentration level of the audience go down.

Besides, the app has numerous thousand downloads per day.

Features of Nika TV

Download free

Good things come for free just like this app for which no one has to pay any money.

Use it for free

More than 85% of the shows and channels on the app are free. Yet, just a few require in-app purchases only in the case if someone requires or demands it.

Entertainment platform

The fun has just started. This app is multiple platforms that provide enjoyment for all ages and people from all nations love it. It is the best alternative to Redbox TV and Picasso TV.

The collection of channels and shows

The unlimited list of channels is unchallengeable. In a world like today where people are trying to save or take out time for themselves this app is like a blessing

Dramas and movies

This app is the house of entertainment for all ages and gender groups. Mostly the channels that allow fun and joy for one are the source of interest for others as well.

Cartoons/animation and Comedy

Kids love the shows and the huge list of their related channels. Moreover, education channels for kids are also available for free.

Though comedy is something we all like to watch and if we don’t have to pay for the laughter session, what could be better than that?


Reading and listening is also available

For people who wish to read or simply listen to the audio, options as such are also offered to the consumers of this app.

High-quality HD display

No one has to worry about poor video quality anymore.

At the same time there is also an option present for those who feel like they don’t like the quality or performance of one server.

Simply switch to another and don’t get bothered or wait for the rest.

Streaming services

Video streaming sites are more than just a hand full these days.

This app has brought you the best among them.

Switch between streams or choose the one you like the most. It is always up to the audience


No one wants to waste their precious time and watch one or multiple ads during a live session.

Likewise, this app is facilitating its audience with an ad-free entertainment experience.

More than just an app

This is no ordinary app, foundationally; it is just like your personal home theater that you can watch any time of the day.

Apart from that, you can be anywhere around the country all you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go

How to Download and Install?

We have now come to the part where we discuss the download process of the world-famous app

  • First, press the download button as mentioned in this article
  • Next, allow access to download assistant or go to Play store
  • Once the download window appears; direct it towards your desired location
  • Now open the saved file and allow it to run
  • Lastly, customize and enjoy your shows and channels

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Is it safe to download the app?

The app is perfectly safe for both android and pc. You don’t need to waste any more time and money on other apps. Simply go to the download section and press the button

Which android is required to download the respective app?

The android in your device should be 4.0+ IOS to support the app. Moreover, the app requires 11 MB of space

Why is my app not working properly?

It is most probably because you have downloaded some old version of the app. Kindly delete or uninstall any older version and download the latest one as mentioned in this article

Concluding remarks

In the end, you must know that you have come to the right spot for unlimited entertainment. So don’t waste any more time looking around other paid apps that give half of what they claim. This is the latest version of the said app and is the best among all. We are sharing our highest quality channels with the shows you want to see. There are no charges or additional subscription values for anything. Hurry and get your app

September 25, 2021