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Detail of Np Modz

Np Modz has become a go-to mod tool for most ML players because of the amazing features and simplicity of its functions. It provides all the necessary features that help players devise a perfect strategy to kill enemies and emerge victoriously. Download Np Modz by Naruto Gaming PH latest version from the link available in the post.

Mobile Legends has revolutionized the Android gaming world and is considered one of the best mobile games of the action genre. With millions of active users daily, the game has become unstoppable and its popularity is touching new heights every day. It is equipped with several premium items that make the game interesting while giving special powers.

Having no money on hand, most players adopt the illegal way to get in-game items. As the number of inexperienced gamers grows, the number of such tools increases as well. Before using these tools, it is recommended to install a cloning app, making a duplicate gaming account, and testing the app on the fake ID.

Virtual GMSM has been around for quite some time and tried by thousands of ML players. Most of them have positive things to say about the tool and found it useful.

What is Np Modz?

It is safe to say that this is an all-in-one tool that possesses all the essential amenities to win the battle. A player can kill enemies easily with different features like headshot and aimbot. After using these options, even noobs can become advanced players instantly.

That’s just not it! Players can find relief knowing that multiple other options like wallhack and wall shot are also available. The app has additional scripts to save the players from the security filters. This does not reduce the risk to zero percent but makes it quite safe to use. However, to be sure, test the app on a guest ID.

Np Modz ML

The mod tool is developed with such details and considering players’ needs. The team has carefully paid attention to areas where a player might need help.

Features Np Modz

Coming to the features, let us mention first, the game would not disappoint in any way. It provides multiple freebies that give you an upper hand over opponents. Once you start using the tool, you will notice a great difference in your gaming and fighting skills.

The app’s features have the power to turn a noob into the advanced player. Armed with different resources, the player is unstoppable. Some of the features of the app are similar with Mitsuki Modz. Lets check them out.


Shoot enemies and objects hiding behind walls. See what’s happening behind closed doors and act accordingly. Wall shot is also available for use.


Kill the enemies and frontiers by getting an accurate headshot most of the time.

Aimbot Short-range

If the player has struggled to get the right aim, use this feature for assistance.


Increase the speed many folds and escape the enemy’s base without getting killed.

Less Recoil Lobby

A player wastes a lot of time in recoiling, well, not anymore, with this option.


This feature places an antenna head-on opponents for you to kill them easily. It also helps in the recognition of squad and enemies.

Magic Bullet

These bullets kill the enemies with a single hit.


Plenty of other options like Speed Knock, High Jump No Damage, Menu options, visual options, and others are present.

Regularly Updated

The app is frequently updated to fix bugs and bring exciting updates. It also supports the latest version of the game.

How to Install APK?

If you want to download Virtual Np Modz, going to Google Play Store will not help at all. These kinds of apps are not found on Google Play Store as the app store has no place for tools that provide an unfair advantage. Don’t be disappointed yet as we got good news for you.

We have brought a download link for you to install this amazing tool. Most websites have outdated malware-affected links but we deliver a safe link to the latest version.

  • Download Virtual Np Modz apk from the given link
  • Go to Menu> Settings> Applications> Unknown Sources, enable it. This option should be enabled to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  • Open File Manager or Downloads section of the browser, find the downloaded file, and tap it to begin the installation.
  • Once the installation is done, go to the menu, tap the app icon to open the tool.
  • Give it required approvals and use the app as usual.

Concluding Thoughts

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not an easy game to play especially for inexperienced players, therefore, it is best to have an assistant for help. Virtual Np Modz can lead the player in the right direction as well as help him survive on the island by offering different resources. If you found this app useful, share it with fellow ML maniacs.