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Looking for a hardy FF tool? Well, you have landed at the right place. Today, we will be introducing an all-in-one Pixel Modz to the Free Fire gaming community. With great pleasure, we announce that this new tool is going to become the best FF tool in the future. If you wish to install this cracked version, do not hesitate from using the link.

Garena Free Fire has become a go-to game for combat lovers. With millions of active players daily, this game has become unstoppable. However, what really spoils the fun is the abundance of premium in-game items. Most FF players do not have the resources or money to avail these features.

These third-party tools have changed the gaming scene for many players and helped them reach the climax. Cracked FF mods are getting popular as they enhance the fun by unlocking the in-game items and tweaking the gameplay. These tools do not have a good reputation as they are not considered safe.

It is not an ordinary FF tool offering a few features, the developer has provided options to modify different aspects of the game. Many players have given positive reviews about how helpful this tool is.

What is Pixel Modz FF?

Developed by Pixel Modz, this cracked edition offers features that are not available for free in the official game. The mod offers several in-game items that players could not afford in the official app.

This mod excels at providing guns, heals, Aimbot, Maps, ESP, and wallhacks. It is not limited to just a few features, once installed, the user will get to explore different features.

The player does not only unlock premium items but it contains many rank-boosting features that let you climb to the next level quickly. With these options, you can easily gain points to boost your rank.


Using techniques and tricks is quite common among MOBA players as these are games that are quite difficult to win. Therefore, they look for third-party apps that offer dozens of features to customize characters and gameplay.

Worry not, this Pixel Modz app has so many features that you will not be needing any additional tools to enhance your chances of getting victorious.

It is not possible to summarize all the features in just one post, therefore, we have covered the major highlights of the mod below.

Aimbot Menu – Killing enemies without many tries can only be done by a few players. However, you can be counted among those competitive players with options like Auto Aim, Aim at Fire, Aim at Scope, and Aim on Crouch.
Aimbot Configuration – Have some more aimbot features in this menu such as Aim Fov and Aiming Distance.
ESP Material – If you want the superpower to see through walls, activate options like Material Line, Material Line Color, Material Info, Line Grenade, and Line Grenade Color.
ESP Draw – In this menu, you will get even more efficient ESP features like Line Draw, Box Draw, Moco Draw, Distance Draw, Bot/Player Draw, and Color Draw.
Teleport Menu – This section helps the player further with Player Teleport and Vehicle Teleport.
Fly Menu – With fly tricks, it is easier to escape from dangerous situations by utilizing Player Fly and Speed Fly.
Extra Menu – This section has two valuable options such as Remove Guest and Chams Hack.
Wallhack – See enemies, lootable items, vehicles, explosives, weapons, etc through the wall.
Drone View – It is equipped with a drone view to view the battlefield from multiple angles and ranges.
No Recoil – Waste no time recoiling, shoot continuously, and score more kills meanwhile.
Automatic Headshot – Aim for the enemy’s head with an auto headshot and kill enemies with fewer blows.
All Characters – All the characters are unlocked in the game as well as multiple skins.
Android 11 – The app can be installed successfully on a variety of operating systems from Android 5 to 11.
New Maps – The mod Pixel Modz app unlocks many new maps for the FF players so that they can have fun exploring.
Free – It would be relieving to know that the app does not charge a single penny for its services.
No Password – It requires no password and login key to enter the Pixel Modz app and main menu.

How to Download and Install Pixel Modz app?

The Pixel Modz app is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices and free to download. We do not charge any fee for providing players with different valuable tools.

Besides installing this application, we urge you to check out our website for different MOBA tools, games, and streaming apps.

  • Step 1 – Download the apk version of the app by tapping on the download button, it will take you to the download page where the downloading will be finished in a couple of minutes or so.
  • Step 2 – Find where the downloaded file is saved, click on it to initiate the installation, if you encounter an error message, it may mean that the device needs permission for third-party apps installation.
  • Step 3 – To resolve or fix this error, go to the settings tab and allow the Unknown Sources option. It is a mandatory step when you decide to install apps from other third-party websites or other sources.

How to Use Pixel Modz?

Enter the Pixel Modz app menu without the need for any login key, password, or lengthy registration process.
Once you have accessed the main page, many features are divided into different categories.
Go through different menus and options, find the desired feature, and inject it into the game with a single click.


If you did not find this Pixel Modz app useful and want to try other options, you will be surprised to know many other apps like United Mods FF, Arabs Hacker, and Bad Teams are providing enough help in this regard. The said tools can be downloaded from our site.

Putting it all together, If you want to crack Free Fire then this is the perfect solution for you. It has helped many players till now to win difficult and tough battles. This tool has an anti-ban feature, however, it would be better to be careful when using the Pixel mod.