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Purple Sky
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Detail of Purple Sky Injector

Are you looking for a new MLBB injector? Got bored with the previous one? It is quite normal to look for new injectors after some time to enjoy new exciting features. Download Purple Sky Injector to get premium features that many other such tools lack. To facilitate our readers, we have brought a working download link to help them download this amazing app.

It is quite difficult to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang without such tools, so, most players use these injectors to get ahead. These apps promise to deliver the items that are only possible to be acquired by cash. Without these resources, the game isn’t fun, a player feels stuck with his hands tied like not having enough room to move.

Every day we get a new tool with many updated features making us question the credibility of the existing ones. There are some glitches and bugs that mod tool developers take advantage of to develop such apps. Exploiting the game’s glitches works in the favor of ML players, they get all the desired items.

Without taking too much of your time, we would like to jump right away to the subject matter, Purple Sky Injector’s latest version. Comes with us to know more.

What is a Purple Sky Injector?

You name it and Purple Sky injector has it, skins, drone view, map, battle effects, emotes, rank booster, background, and whatnot. It would be safe to say that it is an all-in-one ML injector.

A player can sit back and relax, and let this injector do the talking. With all the assistance, there is no way a player can be a loser. Enjoy the fullness of combat with what the app has to offer.

Getting these items from the gaming app would have cost hundreds of dollars but with this injector, inject these items with zero cost. 

Is it Safe?

Is Purple Sky injector safe? It is foolish to even ask this question when you know that it is unethical to use such tools. Players, even after knowing the risk, use them anyway. Gaming authorities show no mercy for users of these apps.

Players using these tools bluntly and too many at a time are caught instantly and punished with no remorse. Such apps affect the revenue generation of a game, so, there is no place for these apps users in the game.

Unlock ML Skins For Free

The old version had plenty of skins for fans to inject but ever since the release of a new version, the ML skins collection of this tool has gotten even bigger, Legend, epic, zodiac, KOF, collector, elite, star, light, to name a few.

  • Tank – Get over 20 heroes for this group 
  • Fighter–  Unlock 32+ heroes
  • Assassin – 20+ heroes are available 
  • Marksman – More than 17 heroes
  • Mage – over 29 heroes
  • Support – Get 11+ heroes

Features Of Purple Sky Injector

We know you are eager to know more about the app’s features, so here are some of the top ones.

  • Unlock Skins – A lot of famous costumes are available at zero cost. Enjoy the premium wear for free for different groups of ML heroes.Death Tv also provides these multiple skins but colors and variation is limited.
  • Battle Effects – This section of the app includes Recall, Emote, Spawn, and Elimination.’
  • Drone View – With an adjustable drone view and a range of 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X, you can view a lot of things happening on the battlefield same like Tegal injector.
  • Background – This category includes freebies like Analog, Background, Border, Map, Intro Loading, and Backsound Lobby and these are 10 % more than fellow Han Esports Injector.
  • Rank Booster – With features like these, players can boost their rank easily. Get Auto Win 50%, Jungle Fast 30%, Damage Up 45%, Team Pro 75%, Enemy Lag 25%, Enemy Feeding 20%, Brutal Damage 30%, and Hack Ping Enemy.

How to Download Purple Sky Injector APK?

Many of you are looking to download Purple Sky Injector’s latest version, the previous one is not functioning properly with the new game’s update. However, it is hard to get your hands on the download link from a reliable source.

Here, you can find the working download link along with the short installation guide.

  • First and foremost, to successfully install third-party apps, an aspiring user has to enable Unknown Sources from Android security settings.
  • Download the Purple Skin injector apk version from the given link.
  • Locate the downloaded file and click on it to start the installation process.
  • The app will be ready to launch after a few seconds.
  • Open the app, give necessary permission, get access to all the app features.
  • Inject them by clicking on the skin or other features.

Purple Sky Injector Password

Purple Sky injector is a password-protected app, a user has to enter a password to get access to premium wear and other features. The password of Purple Sky Injector is “REVAMP“.

Concluding Thoughts

We would like to conclude by saying if you are looking for an all-in-one injector, your search ends here. The injector is compatible with several Android operating systems and can be downloaded on low-end Android devices as well.