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Detail of Reface Pro

People are just having fun with these photo editing apps that make you look different and cool. As the name suggests, Reface Pro also lets you swap faces with different filters. In short, it is an advanced, top-rated, fun, bizarre face-swapping app. It is available on Google Play Store but most of the features are premium, so, download this mod to have everything for free.

These fun photo editing and face swap apps have been appreciated by users a lot. Previously, an app that turns you into an old person was trending like crazy.

Every time you were scrolling your news feed, you would come across plenty of posts where people were showing their older self-images attained through the app.

These face swap apps can be used for memes creation or other reasons. Most of these photo editing apps offer pro services, asking you to pay money to use certain features.

Even though most users desperately want to use these features their budget does not allow it.

Seeing this problem, we brought a mod version of thousands of users’ favorite app, Reface Pro mod. It has all the in-app purchases available for free and more.

What is Reface Pro?

Reface Premium, as the name implies, is a face-changing app that has been featured on Forbes, Mashable, TNW, and Digital Trends.

It allows you to morph your face, swap it with celebrities, and become a new person in popular TV and movie clips. You can star in different roles, famous videos, and more.

You can be a wizard, a pop star, a popular actor, or a president. Equipped with face morphing deep fake technology, change your face with memes using face editor.

Deepfake technology makes sure your face is mapped onto another face in the most realistic way possible.

The realistic face swapping and movements will make it look like it’s actually you.

Change your face with a superhero, TV star, celebrity, or meme gif and the results are absolutely astonishing. Show your friends your funny creations by sharing video clips or photos on social media accounts.

Create your own avatar with just a selfie, style it with different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.


Features of Reface Pro

Reface is a premium app, everything you buy will go to helping kids in need in Africa. However, most users want to use the premium features without spending money. Therefore, this mod version will help you have all the features without any service charges.

Swap Faces in GIFs – Swap your face into the GIF format by creating amazing and funny small videos and you can edit photos like a video editor.

Memes – Using the pro mod, you can create laughing meme material for free. Create personalized memes, mold, and convert pictures to wonderful memes.

Deepfake Technology – Using this advanced technology, all the changes made would look so real. Change gender, swap faces with the IA and smart technology feature.

Boomerang – Like Instagram, Reface also lets you create unique boomerangs.

Share it With Friends – Whether you created a meme, gif, boomerangs, or short video, easily share your creation on all social media platforms.

AI – With incorporated Artificial Intelligence, the app automatically matches the person’s face with lookalike movie stars, politicians, actors, and as well as famous sports personalities.

Monetization – Earn money by uploading high-quality and unique content, gain subscribers, and have the chance to monetize your account.

Create Content For Others – Create unique content for YouTube channels and Social Media profiles and get paid in return.

User Interface – The app has a simple and unique interface that allows the users to swap faces easily.

Free of Charge – In the official version, you have to pay for the aforementioned features, whereas the mod edition has all the premium features unlocked for free.

How To Download and Install Reface Pro APK?

We bet you can not wait to have this app on your phone, just a few minutes, and you will get your time to shine and swap faces. It is advised to always go for the latest version which has fewer bugs and more exciting updates.

We have a reputation for serving visitors with quality download links. These links are the safest and of the latest version. We have shared the latest, malware-free link for Reface Pro Mod Menu along with the installation guide.

  • Download Reface Pro APK from the given link
  • If you get a security alert while attempting to install the app, it means third-party apps are not allowed, do so by enabling the Unknown Sources option from settings.
  • Begin installation by clicking on the downloaded file which you can find from Download Manager.
  • Once the installation is done, launch the app, and start editing.

Wrapping it Up

It is a fun app if you want to create fun videos and gifs by swapping faces. You will have no trouble using the app thanks to the simple, straightforward user interface. Punch the download button, install it, and start using and making fun videos.