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Shelter 69 Mod

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Detail of Shelter 69 Mod

Overview of Shelter 69 Mod:

People are more interested in anime movies and games nowadays. If we talk about movies such as on piece, Pokémon, and Naruto. Anime games are a trend in today’s world and are liked by young people especially. If we talk about anime games we must not forget the latest game Shelter 69 Mod. Which is trending and has got more than 20 million downloads 2 months after its launch. Shelter 69 APK is labeled as an 18+ game by the publisher and you will not find it in App Store and Google Play. Downloading this application from this page is the best option.

This game is considered similar to Fallout Shelter, but it has got more differences and enhanced features. Shelter 69 is published by Nutaku and is a more exciting game for adults with sexy girls and 18+ scenes. This game has got very vibrant colors and better graphics, which gives natural look. It has got a very easy control mechanism and various features that could be easily used to play.

In addition, Shelter 69 is a trending game with many positive comments about the APK Mod application. You will surely enjoy the storyline and the amazing graphics of this application. If you like anime game lovers, then it is the best option with easy manuals.

Details of Shelter 69 Mod:

The storyline of the game starts with nuclear destruction in the world after a nuclear war situation. Which results in the survival of a few people in the world, and they are also living in the basements only. Shelter 69 is a survival game in the world of a nuclear war situation with a limited supply of food and other necessary things. There are few lucky survivors with limited supply and have a life limited to the underground basements. They are now forced to go out and find equipment and areas so they could build more underground basements.

The Users of this application have built their own world and survived with these limited resources. Moreover, you will have other team members who would join and together strive for the resources and supplies. Shelter 69 Mod has got unlimited access to everything you need in the game. Shelter 69 requires a huge investment to survive and get basic commodities and build new safe houses. This Modded version has got unlimited access to each commodity in the game. You have got unlimited supplies of money, all characters are unlocked, and you can easily bring new survivors.

Features of Shelter 69 Mod :

The users of Shelter 69 are going to have various features that, will make the gaming experience more exciting.

  • Free tools with a mega menu
  • Cost-free application
  • Every chest gives a reward of items x1-100
  • Reward Slider x1-100
  • You can buy Resources (metal or stone) to gain x1-100
  • Each achievement in the games gives items x1-100
  • Each quest reward gives x1-100

Build and establish your own foundation:

Users in the game will enjoy constructing Bunkers and bringing more players with them to work and increase their chance of survival. As the world in the game is hit by nuclear radiation, the need for different commodities and shelter is increasing. Therefore, you need to have more survivors who could work together to get more supplies.

Shelter Mod, is a game enabling you to have an experience of a different world. Where you need to have a place to live, get stock items, and a community to live together and survive. Now, with the increase in the population of Bunker, it looks like a company.

Engaging with girls and in-depth conversation:

You are going to have more in-depth conversations with women present in the game. Interacting with the girls in the game will be the more crucial and strategic aspect of the game. You will also enjoy the company of girls in the bunker and have more intense relationships with them. These long-leg girls in the game are going to help you fight with the enemies and also have a chat with you.

Connecting with other Organizations:

You are going to connect with many other Players of the game in online mode and do business with them. Which enables you in getting benefits from them by exchanging money or any other commodity. This application is based on the business frame of work.

You can beat them steal money or items from them, and exchange or trade with them for different stuff. Shelter 69 is based on a business frame of mind or frame of reference.  

Download for Android

This is going to be the best Anime game you will play ever and has got various positive reviews, you can download this application from APKSET.NET. Shelter 69 Mod is not available on other platforms such as google play or the app store and it is an adult game.

Now, you can download this application from our website by clicking the download button. After downloading this application simply install it by finding the setup and enjoying your game. It doesn’t require any settings or other applications for support.

Step 1: Click on the download button in the article and wait for it to be downloaded.

Step 2: Go to downloads and find the setting and open it. Wait for it to be installed.

Step 3: Now you are ready to enjoy the game, create your character and start playing the game.


Now, you are in to enjoy and experience the best game ever by building your own world, playing Shelter 69 Mod APK. Bringing g new survivors into the game and making the game more exciting by hiring them in return for getting work benefits. This Application is going to get more fun, enabling you to chat with other women while playing. The high-quality graphics and script of the game will increase curiosity with each passing day.