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Detail of Skull Mod

Do you play different multiplayer games like Sausage Man, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, etc regularly? Then we are providing an opportunity to get a masterpiece that can work on these games perfectly. Download Skull Mod Free Fire and customize all these action-packed games at the same time.

These three action games are popular among almost all the players from different corners of the world. To make a long story short, these three games belong to the same category with minor differences. These games are free to play from start but have premium items. Almost every player claims that these costly items are out of the range of the players.

So everyone tries to manipulate the games with different available apps on the Internet. There is a long list of apps that can modify the game in favor of the players and give them free access to premium items. We are introducing Skull Mods, which is a versatile app. If your curiosity arose then keep reading to know it further.

What are Skull Mod?

It is an Android app that is specifically designed for Garena Free Fire, PUBG, Sausage Man. It is a 3 in 1 app that can open all the 3 games locked items without demanding any single penny from the players. With plenty of different features, the app is assisting the players to get a mastery of the whole game. Smashing enemies on the battlefield is not difficult for the players anymore with this app.

Skull Mod will enable the players in getting an upper hand over the adversaries by applying various features one by one. The one important thing we should mention here is, never turn on multiple features at once. As it will become risky for the gaming account of the players because in multiplayer games the enemies can report the players if they find any players with suspicious activity.

What are the key features of the app?

This versatile app Skull Mod contains different features for all the 3 games. We can not explain every single feature in one piece of writing. But we tried to cover the most prominent features of the app. Here is how the app will treat your favorite games. The list of great features is as under.

For Sausage Man

Two of the mod’s lists start from IRGI Terbaik and skins for Sausage man are the Tools Skin Mod. You can do check further features including here in the list.

Anti-lag. Skull Mod free fire will remove lag or delay issues from the servers of the players so that it can provide fast and smooth gameplay.

Antenna. This feature will enable the player to identify the enemies quickly by putting Antenna on the heads of the enemies.

High Damage. With high damage features, players are free to give high damage to the weapons of the enemies.


  • Clear Cache
  • Fast Render
  • No Recoil
  • Skull NO CD
  • Max assistant


Aim lock 50%. With aim lock, players can take up to 50% accurate shots of the heads of enemies.

No Grass And Fog. Players will not find any grass and fog. The battlefield is clear in front of his eyes.


  • High damage
  • The black body has no texture
  • No smoke
  • White body
  • The white body has no texture

For Free Fire

Aim Head 70%. This feature will assist the players to take a perfect shot of about 70% of the head of the enemies.

Aim Lock. This feature will give about 50% aim lock to shoot the enemy on the spot.

  • Antenna head
  • Invisible Glowall
  • Backup aim head
  • Backup aim lock

How to download and install the Skull Mod app?

As everyone knows, these kinds of apps can not get access to the Google Play Store. So they can only be found on third-party app stores and from where these apps can be downloaded.

In this regard, the players can trust our third-party app store where they will find the latest and functional links of the apps. We provide a direct link that will not only be malware-free but also due to fast servers they can be downloaded on the device with high speed. With the following instructions, the app can be installed within a few seconds.

  • Click on the given link of Skull Mods for download and wait for a few seconds because the process of downloading is fast.
  • The downloaded file is ready for installation in the download section of the device.
  • But the main thing before installation is to check whether third-party apps are permitted on the device. If not, then visit Android phone security settings and activate the Unknown Sources options.
  • Now tap on the downloaded apk file and immediately the pop-up will ask for permission. Allow it.
  • When it is allowed then the installation process will be ended without any delay.

In Final Words

The Skull Mod is a versatile app and the player does not need to download separate apps for all three games. The one app contains everything to win easily in these 3 games. Download this app and play your favorite games without any limitations.