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Syeka Gaming
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Detail of Syeka Gaming

It makes little or no difference whether you are a noob or a pro player, every ML gamer wants to access premium items. That’s why we are introducing the Syeka Gaming injector to let you access all the paid features for free. Sounds unbelievable, right? It is possible with this wondrous tool available to all ML lovers. 

Syeka injector Tool Skin is known for providing clever tricks to sustain a high rank in the fight. The tool offers dozens of useful features applicable to the gameplay. MLBB is not an easy game with millions of competitive players from all around the world. Noobs hardly stand a chance to win against them.

Initially, as the gamers’ interest is developing, buying in-game items can be a buzzkill. No one likes to spend money when they can get several paid features free of charge with the help of different tools. There are plenty of apps and tools in the market providing help in various aspects of MOBA games.

This app is one of them, no matter how much a player denies the importance of these tools, they have become an indispensable part of the game.

What is Syeka Gaming?

Syeka Gaming is a hub of premium costumes and skins just like Zolaxis Patcher. This tool also focuses on delivering free ML skins. There are some other helpful features and many more are being added in the latest version. 

Even though the main focus is ML skins, the SG injector does not overlook other aspects of the games. Besides skins, it provides plenty of powerful weapons that kill enemies in a few strikes.

Is it Safe?

Is Syeka Gaming ML safe to use? Most players are concerned about the safety of their gaming accounts before using such tools. Even with the anti-ban feature, the player has to be careful while using these apps. Moba Mugen comes number 1 in security but you need to compromise on other features.

Gaming authorities have been going a step further to shun users of these apps. This app has an anti-ban feature so it is a bit safer but still care should be exercised when using injecter apps. Try or test these tools on the guest account instead of the original one.

Unlock ML Skins & Weapons For Free

Paid skins and weapons are a perfect recipe to make you win any match. The developer knows the importance of these two and provided them in plenty. 

ML Skin Bundles

The skin bundles provided by this injector are BUDI01 Gaming, Frontal Gaming, Saitama, Genos, Letda Hyper, Bundle Oppa, and Attack on Titan.


You can not fight a battle without weapons, and this injector has this important battle essential in tons. Find weapons like Scar, AK, M1014, FAMAS, M8187, M4A1, P90, MP40, and Gloo Wall. Many more lethal weapons are coming soon.

Features of Syeka Gaming

Apart from Skin bundles and weapons, this app provides tons of other features that come in handy when fighting on the battlefield. With these features, it is easy to empower characters with new skills and tactics.

  • ML Skins – Unlock ML skins from the huge collection of MLBB skins available in the injector.
  • Categories – The various categories of the game includes skins, background maps, arena maps, and analogs, etc.
  • Optional List – The user can inject various items and features from the optional list, for instance, analog, background, map + drone, mag magic chess, battle emote, efek recall, zona turret, border avatar, efek spawn, efek eliminasi, supreme title, and much more.
  • Bug Fixer – Equipped with a one-click bug fixer that resolves most of the issues of the application like bug pink.
  • Lightweight – It is a lightweight application with a mere size of about 5.2 MB. You can download it on fewer storage devices.
  • Fast Injection – The injection is fast and easy requiring only a couple of clicks.
  • Anti-Ban – Features an anti-ban that makes the tool a bit safer for the user.

How to Download Syeka Gaming Injector APK?

The latest version was released by the developer which has all the right fixes for your problem. So, if you already have this application, uninstall the previous version, and install the latest version again.

  • Download the SG injector apk version from the given link.
  • Allow Unknown Sources from the settings for successful apk app installation.
  • Click on the downloaded file for installation, wait a few seconds, and let it complete. 
  • Once installed, launch the app, and click on the cheat you wish to inject.

Syeka Gaming Injector Password

Every new version has a unique password, the latest version of the Gaming Injector has password protection and therefore has no password.


Putting it all together, the number of users of Syeka Gaming Injector is growing every day. Multiple versions have been released so far and the developer has vowed to keep the tradition with new updates and releases. Install the Syeka injector for better functionality and ease of use.