Tech Box 71 Injector

Tech Box 71 Injector

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Detail of Tech Box 71 Injector

Tech Box 71 injector APK is becoming famous in the Free Fire community. It is a lightweight, quality addition to the Garena Free Fire tools. This tool got an overwhelming response from gamers. The reviews are in, and players have approved and deemed it fit for FF. It even exceeds the expectations of many users who have used the application.

This is a new tool, It is not readily available online, the download link to the app can only be found on a handful of websites. We have brought here a fully functional download link for you to use. Since Garena Free Fire is a challenging game, you will definitely be needing an assistant to help you out. What could be better assistance than these tools These apps are designed with special battle spells to help a player in need. Besides wreaking havoc on the battlefield, players can use this app to unlock premium stuff.

It is a brand new tool of 2022, a new year gift for all the Free Fire fans. Tech Box 71 Injector app will provide you with external support to defeat enemies. The developer has combined the tricks of many popular FF tools and put them into a single app.

What is Tech Box 71 Injector?

Developed by Tech Box 71 injector, this brand-new tool is full of tricks and in-game materials. Beginners with not much experience in battle can achieve higher ranks and kill more enemies. Get the most coveted features like an auto headshot, airlock, ESP, Medikit location, coin location, anti-ban, and more.

In order to survive in the gameplay, the app has so much to offer in terms of attacking and defending skills. Defeating enemies is quite difficult as players can not assess the strengths of the opponents playing from different parts of the world. This version is so wholesome with nearly all features, just imagine how top-notch the next version would be. Developers have teased many new exciting updates, so, keep checking for any further information.

Features Of Tech Box 71 injector

The tricks menu is never-ending, it is filled with the best features that can help a player. There are so many tricks waiting for you, capable of turning the match over.

Winning or becoming a pro requires the player to have maximum skills and combat equipment. The Tech Box 71 injector has so many features, so, we have covered only the major ones. The remaining features you can explore after installing the app.

Aimbot Menu – It is better to have aimbot assistance to help you with the most daunting task, getting the aim right. It includes Bot Aim and Lock Aim 98%.

ESP – With this superpower, this feature helps you see who is hiding behind walls and cars. Find enemies and weapons as well using options like Name ESP and Crosshair ESP.

Auto Headshot – Shoot enemies right in the head to get accurate at shooting. It helps you score many kills while aiming for the head of the opponent.

Gloowall – Gloowall protects you from enemies, the app features VIP Gloowall skin, Mini Gloowall, and Gloowall Location.
Run in Water – This ability allows you to run on water to escape enemies or just for fun.

Anti-Ban – The anti-ban and anti-detect features protect you from getting caught or having your account ban the official authorities.

Others – Other features include Fly Wounong, Invisible Machine, Red Criminal Free, Fix Fack Damage, Evo effect, Invisible Wall, Jombi location, Medkit Location, Token location, All Location, MP40 Location, Shotgun Location, FF Coin Location, All Loot Location.

New Tricks:

Free of Cost – The app TechBox 71 Injector does not contain in-app purchases and provides exceptional services for free. Get these features for free to explore your unlimited potential.

File Size – Surprisingly, these dozens of features are packed in a tiny app with a file size of 4 MB.
No Password – This no-nonsense app does not require you to fill out long registration forms or enter a password to open the app.

Secure – Do not worry about your personal data being stolen by the app authorities as it does not run promotional material.

How to Use Tech Box 71 Injector?

Using this Tech Box 71 Injector injector is easy peasy, requiring no special skills or experience.

Open the app, give the required access, and proceed to use the injector tool.
As you have reached the main page, go through all features and explore categories.
Pick an option needed by you and have it injected into Free Fire.


Now that you know all the features of the Tech Box 71 injector, it is evident that this all-in-one tool is beating many popular tools in the efficiency race. This all-time injector will likely improve in the coming weeks. If you find it functional, share it with fellow desperate FF players.