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Detail of TsukuYomi

TsukuYomi Injector is a newly available application to enhance your gaming experience. There are a variety of new functions added to this amazing tool. We have seen a lot of tools with limited functions. Like our favourite game, Mobile legends bang bang can not be extended with new and amazing features in the same place. This injector provides multiple functions with full access and security.

Now MLBB fans can enjoy a free gaming experience with an easy User experience and premium features. These injectors are needed of day and the days are gone when everyone can compete at the same level without any enhancer.

What is TsukuYomi Injector

If you are familiar with MLBB and keen user to find new ways to meet gaming experience then this injector is a masterpiece. It helps you to make changes and add more features with a simple layout. It provides customization in battle and appearance.

How Does TsukuYomi Injector Work?

It has a simple dashboard in the Non-English language but you can use pre available translator to translate the dashboard. The next move is to look at a number of multiple options available in the list. Here you can click on battle, skin, or gold options availability. You can purchase anything by acquiring additional gold from the list. More you can wear skins, and add various options in battle. These are the options that most enhancers can not provide in one place.

Features of TsukuYomi Injector

As earlier mentioned there are no common features in this but some additional features can meet the criteria of innovation.

User Friendly Layout

The user dashboard of this tool is exceptionally well. When you open this injector there is one by one scrolling of new options is available. In the first step, you will see multiple battle experiences and next different skins. You can access these all features with a few clicks while opening this tool.

Multiple skins

There are multiple skins available that can be accessed on the main dashboard. This injector keeps updating those skins and features as new come in-game. Availability of these skins is 100% free and secure

Free and Secure

Options of itchy advertisements are not included in TsukuYomi Injector. Most of the hectic thing is interruption of low-value ads but Tusku Yomi will wash out this hurdle. There is no extra root and ads. Most of the injectors play with security like they need first access to your game and then overlaid it with their features.

Since this tool is new, the developers are going to focus on lifetime availability and unlimited updates every single time they discover a new update needed. This update can be related to skins or battle experience or security to ads.

There is no grass availability and no limit on gold. Vertical drone draft and unlimited security are some great additions. These updates will keep you familiar with ample experience.


How to Download and Install TsukuYomi Injector

Its installation is the same as other APK files as a few steps will lead you towards downloading.

  • We attached a download file below in the button
  • First, go to settings and allow your external source to download from the device
  • When you will allow, this file will be directly on your device
  • Now click on this file and download
  • Once it downloaded you can find it anywhere on your mobile device
  • Click on it and install


  • One click download and availability in your device
  • It provided multiple MLBB gaming features
  • Provides regular updates with new functions
  • Easy and clean layout
  • Installation and  free security is bonus


  • Require external source to download
  • Developed by nonstore developers
  • It is a third-party app 

This game was developed by Tsukuyomi  Developers who have a great name in development. There are many alternatives of Tsukuyomi are available so developers have this criterion in mind to beat the availability of features with new functions. Both developers did well and added these innovative functions in this.

Is there any Alternative to TuskuYomi available?

Yes, there are a few alternatives like Pusang Apo Injector and Altlove Gaming Injector are available with separate functions based on performance. Maybe there are a few more but these are some notable names to boost your MLBB experience.


No doubt Tsukuyomi Injector APK is a great addition to the gaming Arena. So our suggestion is based on the comparison with other injectors. There are some other injectors available with separate features but all of them have one app one feature-based function but Tsuku Yomi has all features in one place.