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Detail of United Mods Free Fire

United Mods Free Fire is a popular mod menu for Garena Free Fire that has completely taken over the Free Fire gaming community. Because of the increasing popularity, more and more players are lured into downloading this app. Good news for the mod users, the developer has recently released a new version that has many upgraded skins, weapons, and other features. Be one of the first ones to use the mod by clicking on the download link.

Garena Free Fire has been entertaining the gaming community for a long time, a lot has changed since the game’s release. Many items, heroes, and skins have been updated, the cost of these items has also increased over time.

Most followers of the game are from low-income countries that can not afford to spend money on gaming items. Therefore, many smart gamers have taken the initiative to develop tools that can provide in-game items for free. Today, hundreds of such tools are working, focusing on different aspects of the game.

Created by a famous modder that has embedded all the stuff that an FF player desires to have in the game. It is a powerhouse of essential battle features that comes in handy when the player is surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies.

What is United Mods Free Fire?

Developed by United Mods, this is United Mods Apk Free Fire? menu for Free Fire permits users to utilize the in-game items for free. Unlike the official game, there are no strict restrictions and loads of unlimited resources. These important game items can benefit you in more than one way.

All exchanges happen through the in-game diamonds, points, etc. A player has to pay a certain amount to get something in return. It is necessary to unlock different objects of the game.

The game is incomplete and joyless without these objects and players can not advance in the gameplay without them. An FF player will be delighted to know that the app features aimbot, ESP, Crosshair, antenna, rank booster, ghost hack, medical kit, Telekill car, and more.

Powered by an anti-ban feature, the app has many desirable features that you may want to inject. Despite the anti-ban system, the app may not provide 100% security but if you use it occasionally, the gaming ID will likely not be banned.

Features of United Mods Free Fire

  • This is one of the best FF mods of all time created for noob players. It is built on a particular aim or objective to provide all the unlocked stuff for free. The United mods is developed by a reputable developer that has embedded multiple features in the app.
  • Aim Tools – It takes a special kind of skill to aim at the right place. Without putting any effort, use options like Aim When Fire, Aim When Scope, Aim When Crouch, Aimbot Auto, Aim Fov (0 to 360), and Auto Aim Fov (0 to 360).
  • Auto Headshot – The app features Automatic Headshot, Headshot slider, Headshot rate (0 to 3).
    ESP – It is equipped with dozens of ESP options like ESP FireLine, ESP Grenade, ESP Distance, Draw ESP Line, Draw ESP Box, Draw ESP Moco, Draw Skeleton, Draw Counter, ESP Weapon Type, Draw ESP Health, ESP Player Type, Line Size (0 to 10), ESP Skeleton Size (0 to 10), and ESP Random Color.
  • Fighting Skills – The app includes Telekill, Teleport, Fly + Weapon Hack, Ghost Hack, Far Camera View, Rapid Firing, Aim + Movement, Fly + Weapon Hack, Shoot While Swimming, Wallhack Stone, Teleport Pro, Telekill car, Teleport kill, and more.
  • Medkit – This section includes Fast Medkit 3s, Medical Kit, and enable Medkit running.
    Antenna – With this feature, get to know about the hideouts and positions of the enemies. After knowing their location, kill them turn by turn.
  • Anti-Ban – This app has a strong anti-ban system with many built-in options like Fake Username, Delete Cache, and Reset Guest ID.
  • Camera View – It features a wider camera view ranging between 0 to 5 that facilitates viewing the battlefield from different angles.
  • Speed Running – Explore the entire battlefield within a few seconds with high running speed (0 to 4).
    HD Graphics Mode – The mod has HD Graphics mode to play the game in high-quality graphics similar to the original game.
  • Rank Booster – With different in-built options, it is easier to boost rank and climb to the next levels. The player gets an instant push with the rank mode.
  • Crosshair – This section includes Draw Crosshair, Crosshair Size (0 to 7), and Crosshair Color (White, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple).
  • Others – Other features include Free Ammo Bugs, Fast forward X8, Count Nearby, sensitivity (0 to 5), Remove Scope, Auto Revies, Rapid Punch 5x, Night Sky Mode, and 2x Rapid Firing.

How to Download and Install United Mods Free Fire?

It is highly unlikely that you will find this app repelling and would not want to go with this option. The app is relatively easy to install and does not ask for root permission. Here’s how you can install United Mods FF

Download the United Mods apk version of the tool by clicking on the download link first.
Rename the already installed FF from com.dts.freefireth to com.dts.freefireth1.
Uninstall the original Free Fire game and restore changes previously made from com.dts.freefireth1 to com.dts.free-fire.
Make sure that the third-party apps are allowed on the device by enabling the Unknown Sources option.
Locate the apk file in the downloads and click on it to install.
Launch the installed mod, give required permissions, play the game, inject the required features through the floating menu.

Alternatives of United Mods Free Fire

It is hard to replace a wholesome United Mods app like this one, not many mods have such an extensive list of features. Still, if you can not install it for whatever reason, try Yefry RD, Arabs Hacker, or Bad Team.

In Summary

This mod has wooed thousands of FF players with its huge list of features. The United Mods Free Fire was released quite some time ago, still, it continues to work and flourish. This tool with all its services will make playing the game worthwhile. Good luck playing these United mods!