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United Mods

Detail of United Mods

If you could not succeed in winning battles on Garena Free Fire, try using the modified edition, United Mods. Most Players face difficulty pushing rank but with this FF Mod, a user can win multiple matches and reach Grand Master rank. Getting a rank above Diamond seems impossible for many players. 

However, with United MODs FF, it is a cakewalk climbing higher levels even with incompetent fighting skills. Players are facilitated with different powerful features to let opponents know they have arrived. It is possible to make an entry with a bang with this tool. United MODs Free Fire enables you to win without putting in a lot of effort, even if you are an unskilled player.

The popularity of Garena Free Fire has witnessed a surge recently, and the number of downloads has increased dramatically. The number of mods, patchers, and injectors has also increased, a new one is released every day with incredible features. These tools are made to save players money and time.

Developed after weeks of hard work, this is not an accidental or typical product but designed keeping in mind the needs of an FF player. 

What is United Mods?

United MOD is a popular Garena Free Fire Mod or tool that lets users enjoy the game to the fullest potential by manipulating it. The most coveted features of Free Fire are Auto Headshot or ESP, luckily, this mod tool has it all.

With these features, a user can kill enemies in the air when they are landing. With speed features, you can outrun the opponents and reach a safe destination first. With dozens of other features like these, developers have covered most aspects of the game where a player might need help.

Is it Safe?

Would it be safe to use United MODs? Not. These tools are not welcome by the authorities as they take advantage of the game’s glitches. Gaming authorities do not tolerate users of such apps and ban them immediately either temporarily or for a lifetime. 

However, developers have claimed to have integrated anti-ban and anti-detect. Also, the game protects users by showing fake usernames to the opponents, so, that they can not report them even when they have suspected suspicious activity.


Prime Features of United Mods:

The main menu of the tool contains tons of features that can help players win big with minimal effort. A user can activate the following features

Gaming Skills 

The tool amps up the gaming skills of noobs and the incompetent player with many playing and fighting skills like Shoot While Swim, Fly Weapon Hack, 2X Rapid Firing, Rapid Punch 5X, Medical Kit, Fake Username, Aim + Movement, Wider Camera, Ghost Hack New, Teleport Pro, Telekill car, and Teleport kill.


With ESP, users can see opponents hiding behind walls and containers. Users can kill enemies quickly and timely with Extra Sensory Perception power added to the skills. The tool is equipped with ESP Fire Line, ESP Line Ant, Sensitivity, ESP Distance, Crosshair size, and Crosshair draw.

Auto Headshot

Auto Headshot is used to survive successfully among bloodthirsty enemies without getting hurt. Kill the frontiers with Aimbot Auto, Aim Headshot, Aim Fire, Perfect Headshot, Aim FOV, Aim Crouch, and others. It is more improved in version as compared to NS Tool and Mitos Team.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, the app is beneficial for plenty of other reasons. 

  • Anti-Ban – The app is equipped with anti-ban and anti-detect to minimize the risk of a ban.
  • HD Mode – Allows graphic customization. Activate and deactivate the HD graphics mode whenever you want.
  • Non-Root – Does not require root permission, and works on non-rooted devices as well.
  • Easy Controls – Categorized layout, simple UI, and easy controls.
  • Hide Your Identity – Let’s play the game with a fake user name to conceal your identity.

How to Download united Mods FF?

Recently, a new version of United Mods is released to comply with the latest edition of Garena Free Fire. It is suggested to download the latest installment of the United Mod because other versions become useless once the game is updated.

You can get a reliable, latest, fully-functional download link here and begin the installation process instantly.

  • Download United MODs from the given link.
  • Navigate to the unknown sources by going to the settings and enabling the option.
  • Click on the downloaded file, the installation process will take a few seconds to complete.
  • A floating icon will appear from there you can activate the features.

Alternatives of United Mods FF:

Due to some difficulty or another reason if you can not download this tool. There are plenty of other options for you to try. Use these newly launched apps, REGEDIT Mobile, LZ Mod, and REGEDIT Headshot.


Developers have gone the extra mile to protect users with many safety features but it is still a risky app. However, with some safety tips, you can minimize the risk by using one feature at a time.