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Detail of Wr3d 2k22

Millions of people tune in to watch wrestling matches. It is one of the loved forms of entertainment and sports which has millions of fans worldwide. What if we tell you that you can play yourself as a wrestler in one of the most popular WWE games, Wr3d 2k22. Essay the role of your favourite wrestler, barge into the ring, and show your fighting skills. Grab the game here.

Wrestling events and franchises are immensely popular among people. They show up in the wrestling arena to support their favourite wrestlers. Seeing the people’s interest in the game, developers have developed many such games that cater to wrestling fans.

Not all games are fun to play, some are just downright unplayable. With poor graphics, inconsistent storyline, and bugs, the games become intolerable and the players just uninstall them right away. However, Wrestling Revolution 3D 2022 is an exception that lives up to the hype.

Want to know more about the simulation-based game, WWE? Well, follow the post for additional details.

What is Wr3d 2K22?

Be a part of the WWE universe with Wr3d 2k22. Otherwise known as wrestling revolution 3D, this amazing game is developed by MCDickie. WR3D WWE 2K22 is the latest edition of the WWE 2K series. With new moves and wrestling superstars, this edition is more exciting to play than ever.

Go head to head with the likes of Undertaker, Edge, Roman Reigns, Seth Rolins, Becky Lynch, and more. This is a story-driven game that portrays WW franchises and the wrestling World perfectly.

You are aware of the different wrestling formats that air on TV. The game features all of them and some big wrestling events as well. A user can experience the wrestling world virtually through this gaming app.


This story-based game does not start with a player in the ring fighting the biggest opponents. The developers build the story gradually. Firstly, the player is introduced to many companies to get hired for the job.

After leaving job applications at various organizations, he will be contacted soon by multiple firms to participate in the Wr3d wrestling arena which will be accepted by the player, here’s when the gameplay begins.


Here’s where the real fun begins, the game is armed with powerful moves, famous superstars, special WWE events, and other features. Create a team or go solo and select from the different wrestling formats like IMPACT, RAW, AEW, SMACKDOWN, NXT, Wrestle Mania, Royal Rumble, and TLC.

Wr3d 2k22

The game features many categories with different formats, choose the category as per the choice or desired wrestling format. On-screen instructions will help new players know more about the controls of the game, this feature can be turned off as per the command.

Wr3d 2k22 WWE Superstars

All your favourite WWE superstars are featured on the game like The Rock, John Cena, Andre the Giant, Triple H, Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Sting, Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, and many more.

Game Modes

There are several game modes that players can choose according to their skillset. Game modes include Exhibition, Training, Events, My Career, and GM Mode.

Features of WR3D 2K22

There’s a never-ending list of the features provided by the game, here, we will be discussing the top ones.

  • WWE Simulation – The game perfectly depicts WWE and its different formats. The gameplay is also quite similar to the actual sport.
  • Graphics – The graphics of the game need applause as the game features HD Graphics and life-like models to make it look all so real.
  • Moves – The game features many powerful moves and tricks to beat opponents and win matches and championships.
  • Multi-Arena Modes – Equipped with several unlocked arenas, special events, and 13+ championship matches. An option is available to go solo or play with the squad.
  • Championship Belts – The winner gets awarded with championship belts just like it happens in sports.
  • Crowd – There is a crowd to cheer for their favourite player and boo opponents.

How to Download and Install WR3D 2K22 APK?

Trying to download it? It is possible that you may have checked plenty of sources but could not download the tool because of outdated and unfunctional links. Not all third-party websites provide the link to the latest version but we would like to add here, that we provide the best help to our readers. So, we have brought the working link along with the installation guide.

  • Download Wr3d 2k22 mod apk from the given link
  • Go to Phone Security Settings, in the Application tab, check the Unknown Sources option.
  • Begin the installation process by clicking on the downloaded file, after a few seconds, the app will be installed.
  • Launch the tool and give the required permission.


This advanced wrestling game WR3D 2K22 with HD graphics has a file size of 1 GB, so, make sure, the device has the required space to facilitate the game. You can do check out other sports games like winning eleven on our website too.