Delete the Apk Files on Android

How to Delete the Apk Files on Android?

I have a habit of keeping apk games on my phone. Last year, my phone was low on space. I had to do something to get rid of the unused files to make space for new ones. Apk files are fun to use but they hold a noticeable part of your total storage space.

I took my friend’s assistance to download the apk files but he was out of town when I had to delete them. So, I had to figure out a way to do it on my own. 

Apk files are fun and easy to use but they can be harmful to the device as they usually belong to unauthorized sources. Issues can be minor to blocking the complete device. Like some times your device starting pause music or hard to play games. Both minor and major damage can be expected if it’s made with an agenda. So, it’s better to uninstall the files you are not using.

If you are going through the same situation. Rest assured, you are in the right place. I’m going to take you through the steps that will help you delete app files from your Android phone.

How to delete the apk files on Android phone?

The first thing you need to know that, like all other apps, apk files need to be deleted from the home screen and settings to clear up the space they are holding. 

How to delete the apk files from the home screen?

As you have to delete the apk files from the home screen first so here’s what you need to do to delete the apk files from the home screen.

  • Take your phone and find the file you need to delete (it would be on the home screen.)
  • Tap and hold the file to get the pop-up menu.
  • Once the pop-up menu appears, drag the file to the uninstall option and drop it in.
  • The confirmation message “do you want to uninstall this file? Would appear. You have to confirm by tapping okay to remove it from the home screen.

As soon as you are done, your screen would be displaying a message that the app is uninstalled successfully. But your job is not done yet. You still have to remove it completely from the phone’s map to download and run the files you wish to have for so long.

flush out the app from the settings

Now, how do you flush out the app from the settings? Follow these easily followable steps to remove it from the settings as well.

  • Go to the settings
  • Find the apps option in the settings
  • Once you have found the apps option, click to get the list of files you have on your Android.
  • Find the app that you have just removed from the home screen.
  • Select the app to get further options
  • Selecting the app would land you in a new window that will be displaying some information about it, ignore the information, and find the uninstall option.
  • Tap on the uninstall option.
  • A message “do you want to remove this app?” Would appear. Confirm the action by clicking “okay.”

Sometimes it gets hard to find the apk file you wish to delete. In such a situation, go to my files then look for the storage folder (device storage or SD card). Find the “more”, click and you have the list of hidden apk files. You can then uninstall the file to give some space for the new apps to adjust.

Your job is done. The apk file is now removed from the system. Deleting an apk file from an Android phone is basic and easy but clearing it from android tv is a little tricky. So, let me guide you with that as well.

Delete from Android Tv

  • Go to the home screen
  • Head to the settings menu
  • Find the clog option and tap to move forward
  • Scroll over and find the “setting and reset” option
  • You’ll get multiple options, select the internal storage or storage and reset option
  • Find the “downloaded apps” 
  • Look for the apk file you wish to delete
  • Select the “uninstall” option to give the directions
  • Click okay to confirm the action

These are just general ways of deleting apk files but this article is incomplete without incorporating the basics you need to know about deleting or uninstalling the apk files. 

Apk files can be downloaded from the play store or sideloaded. So they are accessed and deleted in different ways. The files downloaded from the play store can never be deleted unless rooted and the other case can be uninstalled by following these easy steps.

Uninstall Apps

  • Find the apk file location
  • Download the file manager app 
  • Search for the apk file
  • Long-press or find the menu
  • Scroll down to “delete or install”

If finding the apk file in the file manager method is not working then there’s another easy way of uninstalling or deleting the apk file.

Download and install the ES file explorer. The ES file explorer gathers all the apk files together and allows its users to uninstall the apk files with ease.

My recommendation

Follow the commonly used method to uninstall the apk files but if the files keep appearing I suggest you to go for the file explorer way. It would nip the evil in the bud.


It often gets questioned “how to uninstall the apk files on Android? As the apk files are a little tricky to download and uninstall. You can get rid of the apk files from your Android phone by removing it from the home screen and then finding it in the settings and uninstalling it from there. There are several more common ways of deleting the installed apk files from the android but this is the most commonly used and prescribed method.

Deleting the apk files from the android phone is simple but uninstalling it from the Android tv is a little tricky. But it is important when it creates bugs or virus in your device and recommended by tandfonline.To uninstall the apk file from Android tv head to the settings to find the clog option, scroll over and go to the settings and reset option, find the downloaded apps, and uninstall it right away. ES file explorers also allow Android users to uninstall the apk files without any difficulty.