Clone Android TV Box

How To Clone Android TV Box (100% Working)

The world scenario has changed and everyone is busy enough to seek outside entertainment now and then. Movies and songs always played a massive role in entertaining people. People love visiting cinemas and watching live performances but that’s very rare nowadays. But love for movies and songs is as always. Just type how to clone Android TV Box.

Just the difference is you can take your cinema to your home, in your bedroom just with an android TV box. Or whatever you want to watch you can surf through websites and games. You can send emails, scroll through social media, can go through NEWS, use the internet, and do shopping through it. You can transfer media files from android devices to android boxes. Just type how to clone Android TV Box. 

What is a clone Android TV Box?

Android TV box or android box is a small device that is used to connect to a television to watch media files and play games on Android OS. Even if you don’t have a smart TV it can work well with a simple one too. Moreover, it can make your normal display the smart one.

Once the android box is connected to your television you will have the access to Google play store to download applications. Android TV Box is more economical than buying a smart TV. It is less expensive while smart TVs cost too much. 

Features of Clone Android TV Box    

Android TV box has a list of certain features to follow and enjoy your own company at home or spend it with friends. 

  • You can bring the whole entertainment home in hand. 
  • What you wanna watch; songs, movies or documentaries and which one, the choice is in your hands.
  • You can read newspapers, send email, play games, go through social media, and surf the internet; everything you want.
  • You can connect it to the regular screen, a smart one is not necessary.
  • Even after connecting the Android TV Box, your normal television will work like the smart one. 
  • It enhances the display of a normal screen.
  • It’s less expensive and more economical. 

How to Clone Android TV Box?

There are two ways to clone an android TV box. Have a look at both of them one by one. 

The first way is to connect through the USB thumb drive. In this way, you have to move all the data into a USB drive and convert it into an Android TV box. This process is a bit irritating and takes a few extra steps.

The following way is the wireless method. For this download ES Explorer for PC. And it is necessary to connect your PC and Android Box to the same router.

Now follow the following steps:

In your android TV box look for the ES Explorer and find the remote manager option. Click on it to continue.

To open the remote manager press the turn-on button. Then copy the given FTP address.

Now move to your PC and right-click on the screen and click on ‘add network location’ from the displayed options.

  • Click two times on the next option.
  • Then type the FTP address which you noted before. 
  • Again click on next. Provide a name to your network location. 
  • Now your process is complete just click on finish and enjoy. 

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