How To Set SD Card as Default Storage

How To Set SD Card as Default Storage In Android

Is the storage of your device Out of Space? Do you want the data to be saved on SD Card? If Yes, then you’re 100% at the right place platform. Our today’s article is gonna let you know about How to Set the SD Card of your Phone as Default Storage on Android Phone.

This feature of consolidating External Storage as Internal in Android phone has become impressive in the society of Smartphones and as compared to Apple devices.

The phenomena of setting SD Card on Android device as Default comes with two categories including Files (Videos, kinds of music, Images, and any file) and Apps. These both are implemented by following assortative ways.

How To Set SD Card?

The method of giving SD Card as Default Storage place on Android device depends upon Application. You might know that the default path of downloading any file from a browsing app is Internal or Default storage.

How To Set SD Card Default

If you starve to change its path from internal to external memory so, apps let you change. Do you wanna get it how? Below Steps will work by far on the maximum amount of applications.

  • Your initial step must be looking for option Settings in a particular application.
  • After that look for option Downloads.
  • Click on it, and there you’ll get an option named Path or Location.
  • Now address the path or location where you desire to have files.
  • And Select ok or done.

Setting SD Card as Default Storage For Apps On Android Phone:

Every android comes with its specific state-of-art functionalities. So It’s declared that the activities are to be performed vice versa on an account of different android or android version.

But you don’t need to worry about it. This amazing platform is to solve your problems. So objected that below two way will surely help You.

Solution No.1:

First and foremost Go to the Settings of your Android device.

  • Now move to option Storage.
  • And then Select SD Card.
  • Click on the menu with 3 dots and select option Setting.
  • Here you’ll find option Format as internal, Click on it.
  • Now Erase and Format. It’ll format your SD Card as Internal Storage.

Note: For this solution, you must be having updated Marshmallow android and Reboot your device after the process for perfect working of functions. If this solution isn’t working or you can’t find the above-instructed functions, it means it’s restricted from the manufacturer to develop changes in it.

Solution No.2:

This Solution is very common in the majority of android versions that move the installed applications from internal to external devices. If the above solution is unable to work with your device, try this one.

  • Initially Go to the Settings of your Android Phone.
  • Now Move to the option Apps.
  • Select the app that you wanna move to SD Card.
  • Here you’ll meet with the options Storage.
  • Click on it and then click on option Change.
  • Select the SD Card and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Now your selected app has been moved to the SD Card from default Storage.

This most fascinating feature of android smartphones beneficiate you to speed up your phone and Free up a heavy amount of space from Internal Storage.

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