Install an Unsigned APK File

How to Install an Unsigned APK File?

A developer signs every Android application available in the Android Market with a digital certificate. Android smartphones, including the iPhone iOS operating system, block the installation of unsigned apps from unknown or unofficial sources. The Android developers must create a unique key for which a unique and relatively un-hackable signature is given. The Signed Certificate (Unique Key) is an Android device’s green signal that means that the application originated from a valid source.

 To understand the legitimacy of the application, Google often uses this unique feature. And all developers have to generate and link their app to the signed key. Google does not allow developers without access to upload or delete the APK to the Play store.

If you download the Android app or games from a third-party website other than the Google Play Store, you can find that your computer does not install the application. And your smartphone throws ‘X Program not installed’ error viz.

Often, by allowing ‘Unknown Source’ from the configuration menu, the problem can be easily solved. The solution can not work all the time or on all the equipment, however.

The explanation behind this issue may be the following:

1. Certificate Clash Signed by Apk

2. Unacceptable name for Apk

What is the difference between APK signed and APK unsigned?

Signing Android applications is just like signing any other application; it gives the user a degree of confidence that the code has not been tampered with since you released it. Unsigned systems should usually be available, but the degree of protection needs to be decreased.

3 Different methods to install unsigned Apk file

In this tutorial, we will lead you to 3 brilliant ways to install an unsigned APK,

  1. Install Unsigned APK– Developer Method.
  2. Install Unsigned APK without root
  3. Install Unsigned APK using root method

 How to Install Unsigned APK– Developer Method by Eclipse?

  • First of all, on your device, download, install and start Eclipse. Eclipse can also be mounted on a Mac or some other operating system.
  • Start the application now and then open the software as an eclipse project.
  • Then right-click the mouse and navigate to Tools > Signed Applications for Android.
  • And pursue the sorcerer, then.
  • And then render the key-store a new one. Only recall the password.
  • You should sign up for the app now.
  • Remember to save the app.
  • That’s it.

How to Install Unsigned APK without root using Zipsigner

The best Android apps that can sign any files in less than 1 minute without rooting your computer in apk, mod apk is ZIPSIGNER. It can produce certificates, keys, and key stores that are self-signed. And with it, you can build your key as well.

 First of all, click here to download and install Zipsigner.

  • Now, the application needs to be opened. And navigate to the dashboard, then.
  • There, you’ll have some choices. You must click “Choose an input file” and then press “Sign a file.”
  • And wait until the Zipsigner signs your requests.
  • You are done.

How to Install Unsigned APK On Phones With Root?

  • First of all, you have to root your Android device for that.
  • Download and install Busybox now [this app can be found on the Google Play Store].
  • Download and install Lucky Patcher afterward.
  • Open the lucky patcher app now and wait for it to refresh.
  • Now, where you can see your installed applications, a menu will appear. Then press on the ‘Tool Box.’ 
  • We are using Lucky Patcher to install an unsigned app.
  • A pop-up menu will now appear and then tap ‘Patch to Android.’ 
  • Now click the “Always true signature verification status” and “Disable .apk Signature Verification” key.
  • And click on Apply, then. 
  • Load unsigned APK using lucky patcher on android device
  • It is done.


Is it worth installing Lucky patcher?

For other developers of apps and games, Lucky Patcher is dangerous as it can reduce their sales. However, without any issues, you can use the lucky patcher. But it’s illegal to sell any patched software or games. You should avoid the Lucky Patcher app if you’re an honest individual and don’t want to hurt app developers.

Why can’t I open a file with an APK?

You might need to offer a particular app, such as Chrome, permission to install unauthorized APK files, depending on your computer. Or, if you see it, toggle on Unknown Software or Unknown Sources to install it. If the APK file doesn’t open, try using a file manager such as Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer File Manager to search for it.

What does it mean to sign an APK?

Application signing guarantees that, even via a well-defined IPC, one application does not access any other application. The Package Manager verifies that the APK has been properly signed with the certificate included with that APK when an application (APK file) is installed on an Android computer

How do I download apps that my computer isn’t compatible with?

It seems to be a problem with Google’s operating system for Android and a reason to hate android too. To fix the error message “Your device is not compatible with this version,” try clearing the Google Play Store cache, and then remove the files. Then restart the Google Play Store and attempt to install the application again.

Oh, thanks. I hope that the step by step guide above has helped to disable Android signature verification.