Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The story of adventure games is not short. Like from childhood we have a variety of games on our mobile to water our gaming brains. In the past, you could only play these high graphics games with a computer but now play them on your smartphone too.

Few defense games gained popularity and kingdom rush frontiers is one of them. This land defense game has a charming gaming experience. In this game, you have to protect your castle from different attackers by the usage of blocks or towers.

Features of  kingdom rush frontiers

As the game has multiple modes and stages to play, here are some salient features of this defense game.

  • Easy Operation 
  • Level Differences
  • Multiple game difficulty levels
  • List of upgrades and improvements
  • New tactics
  • Graphics
  • Easy operation

Easy Operation 

The easy operation does not make a game boring. It will only make the game layout very easy. There is no concern that the game should have difficulty and innovative experience but sometimes difficult layout destroys the whole idea.

There is a short gaming idea available to start to understand the whole keys of a game. If you know where to start, you will learn by operating every key.

Multiple Game difficulty level

In old games, we have seen some level of repetition like they do not change game levels according to progress. The disadvantage of these old games is that users can not play with the same layout. Changing layout and level increases curiosity in-game. This game has multiple levels which change after the completion of each level.

New tactics

Each stage will introduce new attackers and keys which help to play the next level. This unique idea is missing in most of the games. Learning new tactics of the game opens our brain to evaluate difficult levels during the game.

Real RPG Game

RPG games add interest in-game. Like in heritage games we want treasures for every achievement. Same in Kingdom rush frontiers if you open one ammunition, it will unlock the rest.Same in the case of towers if you place few, you can get a bonus to protect your castle.

Legendary heroes

There are some characters or legendary heroes in every game. Making union with legendary heroes trains them. These legendary heroes help in the final stage of the game. You can pick these legendary heroes and train to protect them.


Security is most important to players. we do not want someone else to use our hard work. Kingdom rush frontiers do not compromise on security. You can install and use it with one click.

Enemies with epic abilities


There are over 40 enemies loaded with unique ammunition. Here tower will work, you need to build towers against them. Usage of animals, plants, and weapons will also protect against them. These enemies have abilities to change their attacking behavior.

Play offline 

Sometimes you are lacking with the internet and still, you can enjoy this game. This game is available in both offline and online mods.


The graphics of this game are like an animated movie. Every single plant to large towers in HD. Depending on the device there can be variation in visualization but the stability of the overall graphics of the game is perfect.

Gaming Idea of Kingdom rush frontiers

There is only a single stance to build this game. This game enhances the level of defense games. Availability of multiple difficulty levels and controlling enemies with multiple options is an ample idea.

In this game, you will protect the castle from dragons, different man-eating plants, and other enemies. You will build and utilize multiple options against them.


This game is available free and paid for in both options. My suggestion is to try this game if you are an adventure games lover. A big reason is a simple layout but multiple attacking levels. Kingdom rush frontiers apk will add some creativity to your gaming experience.