Run APK Files on a PC Without an Emulator

How to Run APK Files on a PC Without an Emulator?

Scrolling into the function of the emulator tells us that emulator is a type of software that helps in playing android apps on our pc. It is a cloud-based machine that optimizes different apps to play on your computer. The emulator enhances the ability of the device.

So the pinpoint is that you always need an emulator to run apps on the computer. Most of the users are hectic with a long installation process on the emulator. They want to install an app file without any emulator.

So is there any possible way to download it? Yes, you can do it with a simple extension. let’s scroll the idea in simple steps.

Steps to Run Apk File on PC without Emulator

Here are a few steps to follow

  • First, install the supported chrome version and go for the ARC WELDER extension
  • Go to the app downloading menu and click on download to your desired one
  • Open and click the device
  • Click on a test or run option, it will help you to know the test method
  • Now you can use it as you can do with an emulator

Limitations of this method

  • It is a good method but here are a few limitations to following this
  • This extension does not support the current version of the chrome browser
  • UX is not user-friendly, as you need to setup program specifications
  • Bluestacks and other fast emulators are available to replicate