Text Messages Turn Blue To Green

Why Did My Text Messages Turn Blue To Green Android?

Messaging has become a go-to way to communicate. Many mobile phone brands are trying to optimize this feature for their beloved users. Text bubbles with different colors make the conversation even more beautiful. However, what strikes the Android user more is that some messages change colors.

I, an avid Android user, had the same query couple of days ago that why do Android text messages turn different colors. In the pursuit of finding answers, I spent quite a time on why it happens, why some text messages bear different color than the rest.

I want to solve this mystery for millions of Android users who are quite confused with this phenomenon. It’s no magic and the answer is quite simple and understandable.

Why did my text messages turn blue to green Android?

When you first used an Android phone to text your friends, you might have been taken aback by the fact that some conversations showed text in blue while others in green text bubbles.

Why does it happen? Why do some text messages green while some show blue? When the text bubbles show green color, it means the person on the other end of the conversation is also using an Android device.

messages turn blue to green

We hope the green bubble/blue bubble dynamic has been addressed and now you understand why it happens.

Why are my text messages different color Android?

Now you understand why Android text messages show different colors, the answer to the famous green bubble and blue bubble debate, green color shows someone from the Android family, and blue shows an iPhone user.

However, it has also been witnessed that sometimes a conversation with an iOS user also shows green color, which may come as a shock to the reader and may contradict what we have already said.

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You might have heard about iMessages through which iPhone users communicate in the Apple ecosystem. When iMessage is turned off on one of the devices, the text bubble shows different colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would a green text message mean delivered?

Android shows green as a display sign indicating a lack of iMessages connection. The conversation also shows green in the absence of a wifi connection or when iMessage is turned off. Only iMessages have the luxury to say delivered not the text messages.

Do green text messages mean you’re blocked?

Green is for Android and Blue is for iPhone users. If the conversation with an iOS user shows in green color, it means the iMessages is turned off and there is a possibility that the iPhone user has blocked you but it’s not always the case or an authentic way of knowing someone has blocked you or not.

What happens when your text turns green?

It’s not an alarming situation, it simply means that the text was delivered by SMS through a similar cellular provider as you.

What do the different colors on Android text messages say?

Different colors on Android text messages differentiate the text delivered via Standard SMS and the internet connection.

Why are some text messages light blue and some dark blue Android?

Many Android users have asked why so. The difference in color shade indicates if the message is being sent via SMS/MMS or RCS protocols. Messages sent via SMS/MMS show a light blue color than the ones sent through RCS

Putting it all together, many Android users misconstrued the green vs blue text bubble phenomenon with the message being delivered or read. However, it is not the case, text messages do not say delivered or read as it is restricted to messages sent via the Internet. Once and for all, green is for Android and blue is for iOS users.