Update the Android Software Without Wifi

How to Update the Android Software Without Wifi?

So your android phone is demanding an update again? Do you know that Android phones can be updated without WIFI? Even if you don’t, you would be able to say yes from now on.  

Iphones might be worth the money but they can not defeat Android phones on some grounds and updating without wifi is one of them. Updating your android phone is very important when you are legging in apps or can not download apk files.

In this article today, we will be learning all possible means of updating Android phones without Wifi. Though we can see hundreds of articles on this topic already it’s still hard to tell which suggested method works.

The methods you are about to find below are 100% working but only if you promise to follow the directions properly.

Since it’s the need of an hour, a lot of people have already vowed to follow the instructions. So, without further ado, let’s resolve the mystery and find out how you can fix this issue. Starting with an innocent most Googled question; 

Is it “really” possible to download the Android update without wifi?

Yes, it’s possible to download Android updates without wifi. Android users have found several ways to ditch the need to have wifi to update the phone. 

Now that it’s clear that Android phones can be updated without wifi let’s move ahead and get to our main topic.

How can you update Android software without wifi?

Fixing the problem with settings

Altering the settings is one of the easiest and most recommended ways to deal with this problem. To download the Android software without wifi this way here is what you need to do;

  • Go to the menu of your Android phone and find settings
  • Scroll down to the “about the phone” option (it can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu)
  • Select “System update” 
  • Wait for the new screen to appear

If there is not any option requesting you to update your software, congratulations! For now, your phone is up to date. And if it does require an update, the Android phone would be offering to download it without wifi only if you have a subscription to update without overrun. 

Fixing the problem with cellular data

Cellular data comes to the rescue when the wifi is not available. Despite having easy wifi access, downloading Android updates with cellular data is still quite common. To allow cellular data to rescue you all you have to do is;

For old devices;

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down to “device software updates”
  • Find and disable the “download the updates via wifi” option
  • Enable the automatic download software updates
  • Between the available option select manual update
  • Your job is done

For new devices;

The new devices usually don’t require you to go through a long process. You can resolve this problem by clicking “check for updates” a popup will appear showing a box checked for download with wifi only. Uncheck the box to put a full stop to this problem.


Fixing the problem from play store

This annoying problem can also be fixed from the play store as well but you will be needing cellular data for that as well. To fix the issue this way 

  • Go to the play store settings 
  • Find and click the “download preferences” option
  • The screen will show two options, select cellular data
  • There, the problem is resolved.

These were the few options that we have found effective in resolving the issue. There would be a lot of other methods as well, that may be resolving the issue for you but we try our best to stick to the 100% working solutions.

The versatile Android phones also allow you to manually update the downloaded apps without wifi. To manually update the apps you have to disable the wifi option that doesn’t require any technical know-how. Want to know how?

  • Disable wifi
  • Go to play store
  • Go to the “my games and apps” option
  • You will find the “update” option right next to the apps that require updates
  • Press update¬†
  • Wait for it to finish
  • Enjoy

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There is another way to update the Android apps via a telephone network, without Wifi. To resolve this issue you have to follow these steps;

  • Go to play store
  • Find and open the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down to settings
  • Find and select “automatic update of applications”
  • It will land you on three options
  • Select the “any network” option
  • Your job is done


it’s possible to update the Android software without wifi. This problem can either be fixed by rechecking the settings or by using cellular data. T

o resolve the issue without wifi, go to the settings, about the phone option, system update, and allowing it to download without wifi but it requires a subscription to update without overrun. Moreover, you can also disable the download via the wifi option to fix the issue by using cellular data.